The Royal Mint unveils unique commemorative 50p design for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The first 50p to mark a royal event.

The Royal Mint has unveiled the design of a new 50p which will be issued in 2022 to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It is the first time that a royal event has been celebrated on the tails side of a fifty pence, with a design that has been personally approved by the Queen.

Trusted by monarchs for 1,100 years, The Royal Mint has struck circulating coins for the Queen throughout her reign and celebrated royal milestones, including the Silver, Gold and Diamond Jubilees, on a collection of commemorative crown pieces. The unique Platinum Jubilee 50p is a fitting tribute to a remarkable reign and will be available as a collectable coin in early 2022.

Marking 70 days to go until the anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne in 1952, The Royal Mint has unveiled imagery of the new design. The coin will feature the number 70, representing the number of years on the throne, and the Queen’s cypher framed within the zero, at the heart of the design.

Clare Maclennan, Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint, said: “The Royal Mint has a proud history of striking coins for British monarchs and 2022 sees one of the greatest celebrations of Her Majesty the Queen with the upcoming Platinum Jubilee.

“Marking 70 days until the anniversary of the Queen’s Accession to the throne, The Royal Mint is delighted to reveal the commemorative Platinum Jubilee 50p design ahead of its launch in the new year.

“In recognition of the landmark occasion, this is the first time a royal milestone has been commemorated on a 50p coin and is a fitting celebration for Britain’s longest reigning monarch.”

The first 50p to mark a royal event will be issued in 2022 to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Photographed along with crown pieces commemorating the Queens previous Jubilees

New and current collectors can register their interest now for the Platinum Jubilee 50p, which will feature a special commemorative obverse design, at The Royal Mint.

The bespoke Platinum Jubilee obverse will be unveiled in 2022 across one of the largest collections made by The Royal Mint, which will also include a commemorative £5 crown.

The Royal Mint unveils the 2022 Sovereign – the first coin in its Platinum Jubilee collection

The Royal Mint, the original maker of UK coins, has today unveiled the 2022 dated Sovereign – featuring a rare change of design in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

To mark Britain’s longest serving monarch, the 2022 Sovereign will feature a new interpretation of the Royal Coat of Arms created by esteemed artist Timothy Noad. The Sovereign is famous for its depiction of St George and the Dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci, and changes to the design are reserved for special moments in history such as the Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilees.

The 2022 Sovereign is the first coin revealed in The Royal Mint’s Platinum Jubilee collection and is expected to be extremely sought after by collectors. It will be followed by range featuring a new, unique obverse portrait of Her Majesty and the first UK 50p coin to celebrate a royal event.

Clare Maclennan, Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint said: “We are delighted to unveil the 2022 Sovereign as the first coin celebrating Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Sovereign is one of The Royal Mint’s flagship coins and has celebrated royal achievements throughout the centuries. As such, it was fitting to include the Royal Coat of Arms on the 2022 coin – celebrating Britain’s longest serving monarch with an original design.”

Timothy Noad, Designer of the 2022 Platinum Jubilee Sovereign said, “It’s a huge privilege to be chosen three times to design reverses for The Sovereign. The first time was 20 years ago, for Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee of 2002, and the second was the first new St George and the dragon since Pistrucci’s iconic design, in 2005. I’m very proud to be making it a hat-trick!”

In 1489, Henry VII ordered a ‘new money of gold’ that would serve to symbolise the might of the Tudor dynasty. That large gold coin was The Sovereign and it has since evolved to become one of the world’s most distinctive and recognisable coins. More than 500 years since its inception, the ‘chief coin of the world’ still shares a close relationship with the Crown and has become a flagship coin for The Royal Mint.

Interpretations of the Royal Coat of Arms have appeared on coins before – including the old £1- and its long-standing association with the Monarchy makes a fitting design for the 2022 Sovereign.

The Sovereign celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be available in a range of collectable sets as well as individually from The Royal Mint’s website

The Royal Mint commemorates the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi on a new coin

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has today unveiled a new UK coin celebrating the life and legacy of
Mahatma Gandhi – one of the world’s most influential leaders

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has today unveiled a new £5 coin celebrating the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi – one of the world’s most influential leaders.

It is the first time that Gandhi has been commemorated on an official UK coin, designed and made by The Royal Mint. Struck in the 75th year of India’s Independence, the coin features an image of a lotus, India’s national flower, and one of Gandhi’s most famous quotes – ‘My life is my message’.

Born in Porbandar, India, in 1869, Gandhi was instrumental in the movement for Indian independence. His followers called him ‘Mahatma’, which means ‘great soul’, and he is still widely remembered by that name.

The new coin, designed by Heena Glover, is available in a range of finishes including a gold one ounce, silver one ounce and a £5 ‘brilliant uncirculated’. It is part of a wider Diwali collection offered by The Royal Mint, which includes 1g and 5g gold bars in henna packaging, and the UK’s first gold bar depicting Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth.

The 20g gold Lakshmi bar was designed in partnership with the Hindu community in South Wales, and on Diwali The Royal Mint will join celebrations at the Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Cardiff as worshippers offer prayers to Lakshmi and Ganesha for the coming year.

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Master of the Mint, said: “This coin is a fitting tribute to an influential leader who inspired millions of people around the world for his social activism. As a practicing Hindu, I am proud to unveil this coin during Diwali. Mahatma Gandhi was instrumental in the movement for Indian independence and it is fantastic to have a UK coin commemorating his remarkable life for the first time.

Nicola Howell, Chief Customer Officer for The Royal Mint, said: “We are delighted to unveil the first official UK coin commemorating the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. The beautiful design has been struck in the 75th year of India’s Independence, and builds on the enduring relationship and cultural connections between the UK and India.

Working with the Hindu community in our heartland of South Wales, we have also created a beautiful 20g gold bar depicting Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. We hope it will be a treasured addition for Diwali.

More information about the Mahatma Gandhi coin and the Diwali range of gold bars is available at:

The Royal Mint releases official Tigger 50p in collection inspired by Disney’s Winnie the Pooh

The Royal Mint has released the next coin in the collectable series, inspired by Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, featuring the loveable character Tigger on an official UK 50p.

The sixth coin in a nine-coin collection, the commemorative 50p featuring Tigger follows the release of Owl, and Winnie the Pooh and his friends, respectively, on a 50p piece in 2021.

The collection began in 2020 with Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin and Piglet, and the final three coins are set to be unveiled next year, at The Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint’s designer Daniel Thorne remastered Tigger for a 50p piece, based on the original watercolour decorations of E.H. Shepard, first published in the A.A. Milne’s classic tales 95 years ago.

As with each coin in the collection, the design depicts the iconic E.H. Shepard characters and Daniel Thorne’s signature bee motif, adding a special feature for collectors across the nine-coin range.

Available in gold, silver and brilliant uncirculated, and special-colour edition, the range combines The Royal Mint’s 1,100-year-old minting traditions with innovative colour printing technology.

Clare Maclennan, The Royal Mint’s Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin, said: “Winnie the Pooh is a family favourite which, just like the joy of coin collecting, unites generations. With so many loveable characters in the range, combined with the craftsmanship and innovation at The Royal Mint, the collection inspired by Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, is an excellent choice for coin collectors and Pooh fans, and a fitting tribute to the loveable bear and friends on the 95th Anniversary of the adventures in Hundred Acre Wood.”

The Tigger 2021 UK 50p is available to purchase as an individual piece or as part of a collection at The Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint and Taisei Coins Announce Joint Collaboration for Tokyo International Coin Convention 2022

The Royal Mint, the original maker of UK coins, and Taisei Coins, Japan’s largest numismatic firm, have announced an exciting collaboration for the Tokyo International Coin Convention in 2022. Together the two leading numismatic companies will launch their first joint auction – bringing together the best of rare British, Japanese and international coins.

With the cooperation of both Japan Mint and Japan’s National Printing Bureau as its official supporters, the TICC which began in 1990 is renowned throughout Japan as the most prestigious coin show in the country and one of the biggest conventions of the numismatic calendar. The event itself provides a platform for coin dealers and collectors from around the world to purchase freshly minted coins and rare numismatic items in the annual auctions.

The annual event is a fixture of ‘Golden Week’ in Japan, typically spanning the late April and early May period, and will be taking place on 29th April 2022 at Royal Park Hotel, Tokyo. As the first live TICC since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is sure to be a highly anticipated affair.

To pique the interest of potential bidders, The Royal Mint and Taisei Coins have revealed three beautiful items that will feature in the auction. The first is a Japanese rare Oban which is Tenshonaga Oban kin (天正長大判金). This 16th century coin was known as the world’s largest coin until Austria made 1000oz bullion coin in 2004.

The second is a Henry VII (1485-1509), fine gold Sovereign of Twenty Shillings, struck Tower Mint London, and issued circa November 1492 – Spring 1493. Other than this particular coin, there have been no instances of a Henry VII Sovereign Type II changing hands via auction in almost 40 years.

An additional coin that will feature in the auction is an outstanding example of a 1817 Three Graces Silver Pattern Crown, graded at PF65. A rare coin for any collector, William Wyon’s coveted Three Graces was inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, but Wyon recast them as figures representing England, Scotland and Ireland. Coming soon after the 1801 Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland, Wyon set out to convey the equality of the nations.

Only around 50 pattern coins featuring the design were ever struck and it never entered circulation.

Rebecca Morgan, Director of Collector Services at The Royal Mint, comments; “The global standing of both The Royal Mint and Taisei Coins ensures that our joint auction will bring some of the most historic and rare coins to our customers. The Royal Mint has over 1100 years of history and we are so excited to bring British numismatic treasures, most of which The Royal Mint would have struck originally all those centuries ago, to the TICC. All British Historic coins will have been through the rigorous Royal Mint Authentication service so customers can be sure they are buying a genuine piece of British history. We want to create an exciting event showcasing a range of authentic and special coins for those in attendance at TICC. We are delighted to work with Taisei Coins and hope this collaboration will continue long into the future, and deliver the very best service to both our customers.

“Taisei Coins is a long-standing numismatic authority internationally and The Royal Mint is firmly established worldwide as ‘The Original Maker’ of coin, the collaboration between both parties makes for a perfect numismatic partnership.”

Masahiro Oka, President of Taisei Coins, comments: “Taisei Coins’ relationship with The Royal Mint has lasted for over 50 years and this joint auction is a testament to the mutual trust. We want to thank The Royal Mint and the Japan Numismatic Dealers Association, the organizer of TICC, for the permission and effort to make this possible.

“I think this joint auction has a particularly special meaning since it will be the first time for TICC to be held in two years. Taisei and JNDA acknowledges the significance of this joint auction and is making the necessary arrangements to make it a memorable event like exhibitions centred around The Royal Mint in 2022.”

A fixture of Japanese coin culture, Taisei Coins is a Japanese numismatics firm based in Tokyo and one of the most reputable names in the global coin industry. Over the years, The Royal Mint has developed a strong relationship with Taisei Coins, with Royal Mint products commonly featured within the pages of Taisei Coins’ prestigious monthly international coin magazine, Taisei Monthly.

For more information on this exciting new venture, visit

The Royal Mint reveals latest The Snowman™ 50p, with original illustration by Robin Shaw

The Royal Mint has today revealed the latest commemorative 50p celebrating British Christmas icon, The Snowman™.

Following the popularity of the The Snowman™ coin series, the 2021 design features the moment James adds the finishing touches to the snowman by drawing his smile. This is the fourth commemorative Snowman coin released by The Royal Mint in collaboration with Snowman Enterprises Ltd and officially licensed by Penguin Ventures (part of Penguin Random House UK), with the first coin released in 2018.

The collectable coin range celebrates Raymond Briggs’ timeless picture book with a bespoke design created by Robin Shaw, award-winning animator and illustrator. Shaw was also the art director on The Snowman and The Snowdog animation, the heart-warming sequel to the original television adaption.

Included in the range is a limited edition print of original sketch by Shaw, as well as an exciting The Snowman™ advent calendar containing a brilliant uncirculated colour 50p.

Director of Commemorative Coin Clare Maclennan with gold proof The Snowman 2021 UK 50p

Clare Maclennan, Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint said, “This is the fourth coin that we’ve launched as part of The Snowman™ series, and the design is just as charming as ever. Raymond Briggs’ classic characters are a tradition of the festive season for many families across the country and we are delighted to continue The Snowman™ and James’ adventures this year.”

The Royal Mint’s innovative digital colour printing technology has brought The Snowman™ design to life on the brilliant uncirculated coloured 50p, keeping true to the hand drawn, nostalgic quality of Shaw’s original sketches.

Speaking about the design, award-winning animator and illustrator Robin Shaw said, “Because of the size of the finished coin, the design had to be very clear. I drew on the frames from the original picture book showing James building the snowman, as these capture the growing relationship between the two of them before the snowman has even come to life.

“They also needed to work perfectly as small, clear images that individually capture a moment. That’s ultimately what I wanted to achieve with this design; it’s all about showing the relationship between the little boy and his snowman.”

Last year, to celebrate the coin series, The Royal Mint worked with Robin Shaw to create an exclusive ‘sketch-a-long’ for fans. The free, online class, which is still available via The Royal Mint’s website, provides hints and tips to help budding animators create their own Snowman drawings and share them via #SnowmanSketchalong.

For more information, and to purchase The Snowman™ 2021 commemorative coin collection, please visit The Royal Mint website.

The Royal Mint celebrates 100 Years of Insulin on official UK coin

Designer Iris De La Torre reveals The Royal Mints 100 Years of Insulin 50p

The Royal Mint has launched a commemorative 50p coin in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, marking the historic medical breakthrough for the first time on official UK coin.

The 100 Years of Insulin 50p celebrates the life-saving treatment for diabetes discovered by researchers; Dr John Macleod, Sir Frederick Banting, Dr Charles Best and Dr James Collip in 1921.

Designed by renowned artist Iris De La Torre, the contemporary design is an artistic interpretation of the structure of insulin along with its molecular formula.

Inspired by an image of human insulin crystals through a microscope, the design features a geometric pattern repeat using hexagons and circular shapes on the canvas of an official UK 50p coin.

The new 50p coin, available in brilliant uncirculated and precious metals, is the fifth release in The Royal Mint’s ‘Innovation in Science’ series, which pays tribute to some of the greatest scientific discoveries.

The latest 50p follows commemorative coins in recognition of the life and work of inventors Charles Babbage, John Logie Baird, Rosalind Franklin and Stephen Hawking, as part of the collectable series.

The Royal Mint’s Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin Clare Maclennan said: “The collectable 100 Years of Insulin 50p, designed by artist Iris De La Torre, is a beautiful piece of art which celebrates the importance of the ground-breaking discovery of insulin on an official UK coin. A landmark medical breakthrough of the twentieth century, it has transformed the lives of people with diabetes for 100 years and is a fitting addition to our Innovation in Science collectable series, marking the greatest scientific innovations and the remarkable people behind them.”

Designer of the 100 Years of Insulin 50p, artist Iris De La Torre, said: “Coins are pieces of art and maintainers of history and tradition and so to see my design on an official UK coin that celebrates and raises awareness of such an important discovery is a dream come true.”

Speaking of the design, she added: “I came up with a design inspired by images of an accurate segmentation of single-isolated human insulin crystals for in-situ microscopy that I found in a medical document online. The image shows segments of human insulin crystals in the form of hexagons. It is a beautiful image and inspired a pattern repeat which worked well on the 50p coin.”

Professor Mirela Delibegovic, Director of the University of Aberdeen’s Cardiovascular and Diabetes Centre, consulted with The Royal Mint on this project, adding: “The insulin breakthrough is one of the most significant in medical sciences and was led by a team which included University of Aberdeen graduate JJR MacLeod. We are delighted to see this legacy recognised on a UK coin. This beautiful design is a fitting tribute to the Toronto research team and for all the researchers who have followed in their footsteps by working on new ways to treat and manage diabetes.”

The 100 Years of Insulin 50p coin is available to purchase from today at The Royal Mint website.

The Royal Mint in collaboration with the Imperial War Museums reveals a commemorative coin dedicated to marking Remembrance Day

The Remembrance Day 2021 UK £5 Silver Proof Coin reverse – UK21RDSP

The Royal Mint, the original maker of UK coins, in collaboration with the Imperial War Museums, has today revealed a commemorative coin dedicated to marking Remembrance Day.

This year’s Remembrance Day commemorative coin features a reverse design created by the acclaimed artist Gary Breeze. Alongside symbolic red poppies, the coin carries an inscription from the famous fourth stanza of Laurence Binyon’s enduring poem ‘For the Fallen’, a tribute to those who died during the First World War.

Using the latest innovative technology, the poppies that feature on the coin have been digitally printed to add the vivid red colour that is commonly associated with the flower.

Clare Maclennan, Director of the Commemorative Coin Division at The Royal Mint said, “We are honoured to be revealing this year’s Remembrance Day commemorative coin in collaboration with the Imperial War Museums. The Royal Mint’s Remembrance Day commemorative coin provides a poignant tribute to all who served in both world wars as well as a reminder of the brave men and women in our Armed Forces – past and present.”

Designer of the Remembrance Day coin, Gary Breeze, reveals his inspiration behind this year’s design, “In 2015, I produced a commemorative stamp for the Royal Mail featuring the same fragment of the poem ‘For The Fallen’ by Laurence Binyon. I find the words incredibly moving – there is perhaps no greater sadness than that which is felt on waking up and this is expressed so economically in that single sentence. I wanted the inscription on the coin to be incised, like lettering on a war memorial, and the style is inspired by lettering from the interwar period.”

The first Remembrance Day was held on 11 November 1919 – exactly one year after the signing of the Armistice with Germany. Remembrance Day provides veterans and the public with an opportunity to come together to honour the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families.

The coin is available to be purchased in Silver Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated editions from

The Royal Mint unleashes The Royal Tudor Beasts onto a new range of collectable and bullion coins at Hampton Court Palace in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces

The Royal Mint unveils its new Seymour Panther coin, the first release from The Royal Tudor Beasts collection, at Hampton Court Palace in Richmond upon Thames.
Photo credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

The Royal Mint, the original maker of UK coins, and Historic Royal Palaces have today unveiled a new range of collectable and bullion coins celebrating The Royal Tudor Beasts. The first coin in the collection, the Seymour Panther, was unveiled at Hampton Court Palace– where the original Royal Beasts still welcome visitors today.

The Royal Tudor Beasts collection will be released over five years, with customers able to build their very own collection celebrating the ten beasts chosen by King Henry VIII to line the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace.

The collectable and bullion collection celebrating The Royal Tudor Beasts follows on from The Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts Collection that celebrated the ten ancestral beasts that lined the entrance to Westminster Abbey at Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation.

Clare Maclennan, Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint said: “We are delighted to be introducing a new range of collectable and bullion coins celebrating The Royal Tudor Beasts – the ten beasts chosen by Henry VIII. This exciting new range has been developed with Historic Royal Palaces and follows on from our popular Queen’s Beasts range.

To celebrate the launch, we felt it was only right to unleash the first beast, the Seymour Panther, at the original home of the Royal Tudor Beasts – Hampton Court Palace. We hope collectors across the globe are equally as excited as we are for the launch of our latest range of collectable and bullion coins.”

Emma Saunders, Senior Licensing Manager at Historic Royal Palaces commented: “We are very proud to be launching another new collection of coins in partnership with The Royal Mint. The Seymour Panther is inspired by one of the majestic Royal Beasts on the Moat Bridge at the entrance to Hampton Court Palace and symbolises the union of Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour.

As an independent charity, each sale of Historic Royal Palaces’ collectible coins helps support our cause and contributes to the future of the incredible buildings and collections in our care, which is more important now than ever before.”

The Royal Mint unveils its new Seymour Panther coin, the first release from The Royal Tudor Beasts collection, at Hampton Court Palace in Richmond upon Thames.
Photo credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

The whole collection has been designed by artist David Lawrence. Each coin design is a unique balance of the naturalistic elements of the creatures with a stylised, heraldic depiction incorporated into the design.

David Lawrence, designer of The Royal Tudor Beasts said: “It was an honour to be chosen to depict the heraldic beasts on a coin and bullion collection as well as a huge challenge. Each royal beast comes down to us with centuries of heritage and meaning attached to them, so my task was to find a new vision that is still true to the past.”

The Seymour Panther was a heraldic symbol belonging to Jane Seymour, Henry VIII’s third wife. Given to her by the king from the treasury of royal beasts, it is thought that a panther had been part of the collection since the reign of Henry IV. As Henry VII’s mother, Margaret, was a Beaufort and a panther also appeared on the Duke of Beaufort’s arms, both Henry VII and Henry VIII used the beast as a symbol of their lineage.

The coin is available in a range of precious metal Proof editions, as well as a Brilliant Uncirculated edition. Visit to view the full collection. The Royal Tudor Beasts will also be available as bullion coins in the coming months.

The Royal Mint’s latest research shows new interest in childhood character coins

Owl 2021 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin reverse edge – UK21OWSSP

The Royal Mint has revealed the results of a survey which found that childhood character coins are attracting new and younger coin collectors to take up and share the popular hobby.

As well as minting the coins found in our pockets, The Royal Mint makes collectable coins celebrating key themes and milestones and featuring some of Britain’s most-loved childhood characters on UK coin.

The new findings mark the launch of the latest coin in the collection inspired by Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, which features Pooh’s trusted friend Owl on a 50p at The Royal Mint.

According to the new research, more than half of 35–44-year-olds said that childhood character coins were the main reason for starting a collection. The childhood character coins also inspired almost three quarters of Royal Mint’s collectors aged 18-24.

  • 51% of 35- to 44-year-olds state childhood character coins as the main reason for collecting
  • 74% of 18- to 24-year-olds consider character coins as one of the reasons for collecting

The research also found that the timeless hobby of treasuring Britain’s favourite collectable item remains an interest which is passed down through generations – 45% started collecting because a grandparent or older relative introduced a collection to them, according to the survey results.

Mum of two, Januarie Braganza, from London, is a keen childhood character coin collector, on behalf of her 75-year-old mother Sunny Hall and children; 2-year-old Blaise and 1-year-old Winnie. She said:

My children Winnie and Blaise collect coins with their Nanna Sunny, who has been collecting coins for years. It is a wonderful hobby they can enjoy together, and they regularly speak on Facetime and show their new coins. It makes her so happy to see the children sharing her passion and helps to keep her mind sharp.

Speaking of the launch of the latest Owl 50p which celebrates 95 years of Winnie the Pooh with a design based on the original E.H Shepard decorations, she added:

We love the Winnie the Pooh coins best as my daughter has the same name! The latest Owl 50p coin is beautiful, and the colour really brings the character to life. We’re so excited to receive this coin as part of Blaise and Winnie’s collection and Nanna Sunny loves it too!

Earlier this month, The Royal Mint revealed that coins are officially the most popular collectable item in the UK, with over a third of collectors having a passion for coins (36%). Stamps (30%) and books (26%) came in second and third most popular. The Royal Mint’s Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin Clare Maclennan said:

Coins are Britain’s favourite collectable item, and their appeal continues to reach new collectors with the increasing popularity of our childhood character coins which celebrate some of the greatest childhood stories and characters we know and love on official UK coin.

The collectable Owl 50p is the latest release in Winnie the Pooh series, marking the 95th anniversary of the lovable bear. Inspired by the original watercolour decorations of E.H. Shepard, and available in a vibrant special colour edition, the coin is itself a beautiful work of art for collectors of all ages, and we’re so thrilled to see these pieces are inspiring new and younger collectors to get involved.

The Owl 2021 UK 50p is the fifth release in the nine-coin Winnie the Pooh and Friends collection. See the full Winnie the Pooh commemorative collection, and others, at The Royal Mint.

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