Acclaimed Coin Designer Emily Damstra Signs and Donates Eagles Artwork To ANA

(Rosemont, Illinois) August 12, 2021 – Acclaimed artist Emily Damstra, whose designs are now on 11 United States coins including the new reverse of the popular Type II silver American Eagle bullion coins, hand-signed a poster size canvas print of her eagle artwork and donated it to the American Numismatic Association ( The signing and donation took place at the ANA’s Chicago World’s Fair of Money on August 11, 2021.

Coin designer Emily S. Damstra signs a canvas print of her artwork that she donated to the ANA. (Photo by Donn Pearlman.)

Three officials of the ANA witnessed the signing of the large, 30 by 42 inches artwork depicting images of an eagle in flight and an eagle perched: Executive Director Kim Kiick, 2019-2021 President Col. Steve Ellsworth and 2021-2023 President Dr. Ralph Ross. Kiick accepted the artwork on behalf of the association.

From left to right, Col. Steve Ellsworth, Emily Damstra, Kim Kiick and Dr. Ralph Ross. (Photo by Donn Pearlman.)

A participant in the United States Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program, Damstra has designed over 40 coins and medals for the U.S. Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint including the reverse of the new Type II 2021 silver American Eagle.

A closeup of Emily Damstra’s signature on the artwork she autographed and donated to the ANA. (Photo by Donn Pearlman.)

Highest ANA Awards Given to Those Making a Difference

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is honoring several numismatists who not only lead by example, but pave new avenues within the numismatic hobby. Recognized for their dedication, hard work, passion and contributions, these recipients will be acknowledged at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money during the ANA Member & Celebration and the 130th Anniversary Awards Banquet.

Those being recognized are:

  • Kellen Hoard for the Young Numismatist of the Year
  • Kerry Wetterstrom for the Farran Zerbe Memorial Award for Distinguished Service
  • David Vagi for Numismatist of the Year
  • David Alexander for the Lifetime Achievement Award

The ANA recognizes that the future of the hobby depends on the recruitment and education of young numismatists. The Young Numismatist of the Year award honors young collectors for outstanding contributions to the hobby and industry. Receiving this year’s award is Kellen Hoard, due to his devotion to the ANA and his outstanding hobby involvement.

At just 17 years old, the Washington resident has already become a distinguished presence in the numismatic community. A practiced writer, Hoard is actively involved with the Numismatic Bibliomania Society and the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association.

In 2019 the high schooler led the Summer Seminar Session 2 Young Numismatist Benefit Auction, which raised thousands of dollars for YN scholarships, and last year, he co-taught an ANA eLearning
Academy course on how to keep young collectors engaged.

The astute teen effortlessly bridges the gap between collectors young and old, sharing hobby insight with those of all ages. “He is a voracious learner, outgoing with a wonderful, quick sense of humor and has a very kind spirit,” says ANA Numismatic Educator Sam Gelberd. “YNs like Kellen are going to help secure the future of the hobby for many years to come.”

Hoard will be recognized for his accomplishments at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money during the ANA Member & Awards Celebration, Aug. 12 at 3 p.m.

~ ~ ~

Not only has the field of numismatics greatly impacted Kerry Wetterstrom, but the collector also has heavily influenced the hobby, which is why the ANA has conferred upon him its highest honor: the Farran Zerbe Memorial Award for Distinguished Service. Wetterstrom has been steeped in numismatics for nearly as long as he can remember after his great Aunt Bertha gifted him a Whitman folder for cents dated 1941-61.

Today, numismatics is Wetterstrom’s career and avocation. Living in California, Canada and then Denver gave him access to a variety of coinage. At just 14, Wetterstrom purchased his first ancient coin from former dealer Tom McKenna and that same year, he decided to join the ANA.

“The ANA has had the greatest impact on my numismatic life,” says Wetterstrom. “As soon as I was able to drive, I started visiting ANA headquarters.” While there, he met Glenn Smedley, Ken Hallenbeck and (at the time) ANA Librarian Geneva Karlson, who answered his questions and helped guide him. In 1978 he attended his first ANA convention in Houston.

During his high school senior year, he founded a student club for coin and stamp collecting at John F. Kennedy High School. That summer, Wetterstrom received a scholarship from the Denver Area World Numismatists to attend the 1979 ANA Summer Seminar, where he met numismatist Q. David Bowers. It was Bowers’s course “All About Coins” that convinced Wetterstrom he wanted to be in the coin business someday.

A few months after graduating high school, Bob Rhue, owner of Aurora Gold & Silver Exchange, hired Wetterstrom to work as a part-time sales clerk while he earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Rhue taught him how to grade coins.

He worked with Rhue until 1987, when he accepted a position as auction director of Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. (CNG, then Classical Numismatic Auctions), a role that took him to the East Coast and abroad. He lived in London in 1991 and after he returned to the States he edited a book about Parthian coinage.

Robert W. Hoge, ANA Museum curator at that time, contacted Wetterstrom and fellow collector David Vagi about teaching Hoge’s ancients class at Summer Seminar. They accepted, making 1993 their first year as co-instructors. To this day, he dispenses his encyclopedic knowledge close to home and across the nation. He has traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, presenting numismatic talks in 12 states; he’s lectured everywhere from school classrooms to civic association meetings.

By the end of the millennium, Wetterstrom purchased The Celator, a monthly magazine devoted to ancient and medieval coinage, from its founder Wayne G. Sayles in 1999. Over the next 13 years, he edited 156 consecutive issues of the printed publication. Under his management, it received multiple awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild. He bid adieu to his labor of love in 2012 and the following year, he returned to CNG as a senior numismatist, a position he still holds today.

The active collector is a fellow of the American Numismatic Society and the Royal Numismatic Society. He also belongs to the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists, the Red Rose Coin Club of Lancaster and 16 other organizations, several of which he’s served as president.

A few of his accolades include the Central Pennsylvania Numismatic Association’s James Wagner Award (1994), Krause Publication’s Numismatic Ambassador distinction (1998) and the Red Rose Coin Club’s Paul Haleman Award (2000). Earlier this year, the New York International Numismatic Convention recognized Wetterstrom with its Richard Margolis Medal of Merit for his 20 years of contributions as the organization’s chairman of education. He has also amassed several awards from the Association.

As an ANA club representative, he facilitates educational programs in central Pennsylvania each year and is well-known on the convention circuit, as he’s been an ANA exhibit judge since 1996. In addition to numerous journal articles, he’s penned scripts for the ANA’s Money Talks radio program and serves as contributing editor for The Numismatist. A guru of both world and local history, Wetterstrom volunteers weekly for the Lancaster County Historical Society. His numismatic expertise has been recognized nationally, as he has testified twice before the U.S. Department of State Cultural Property Advisory Committee regarding restrictions on the importation of numismatic material.

“One of the things I enjoy the most about the ancient coin market is how it truly is an international market,” says Wetterstrom. “I have been able to travel to various countries over the years, where I have met many collectors and dealers, some of whom have become good friends. All of these experiences have helped expand my worldview, and I realize that a hobby like coin collecting unites people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds.”

Wetterstrom will be recognized for his accomplishments during the ANA Member & Awards Celebration at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money.

~ ~ ~

The Numismatist of the Year award, first presented in 1995, was established to recognize individuals who have demonstrated long-term leadership in the field and service to the Association. Their accomplishments should have a significant impact on the numismatic community. The 2021 Numismatist of the Year is David Vagi.

A lifelong numismatist, Vagi became fascinated with coins when he was 8 or 9. Although his parents supported his hobby, he says his interest was completely self-driven. He began studying ancient Greek and Roman coins in the 1980s. Taking instructor Robert Hoge’s course on ancient coins at the 1985 ANA Summer Seminar sealed Vagi’s fate as a professional numismatist. “From that week onward, I studied ancient coins academically and with purpose, converting my private fascination into something large and more promising,” he said. “Without my involvement in the ANA, I likely would have taken a different path in life.”

Vagi earned degrees in history and journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and studied at the University of Manchester (United Kingdom). He started his numismatic career in 1990 as a staff writer for Coin World and has worked in various capacities at Christie’s, Superior Galleries, Spink America and R.M. Sythe. He opened and ran his own business, Delphi International Ancient Art, from 1996 to 2008.

By far the most challenging and rewarding position of his career is his current one as director of NGC Ancients, which he’s held since 2008. Vagi finds coins appealing because they make history tangible. He considers what it would be like to study the Roman Empire without any physical remains. “Without such proof, one might wonder if its rich history was entirely legend. Surviving objects, such as coins, bring the past to life.”

A prolific author, Vagi also brings coins to life for others through his writing. For more than 25 years, he has penned a column every month for a major numismatic publication, including Coin World, The Celator, Numismatic News, World Coin News and the Numismatist. His 1,294-page Coinage and History of the Roman Empire received multiple “book of the year” awards and is considered one of the leading references on the topic. Additionally, he is a contributing author to six other numismatic books and served as editor (1994-97) of SAN, the Journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics. He also has written scripts for the National Public Radio program “Money Talks.” His research and writing have earned him numerous accolades, including “Best Column” writing awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild, two ANA Presidential Awards and an ANA Heath Literary Award. He was also named one of Coin World’s 100 Most Influential People in Numismatics, 1960-2020.

Vagi is a life member and fellow of the American Numismatic Society and a life member of the ANA, for which he has taught more than 20 weeklong courses on ancient coinage at Summer Seminars. Fans of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars might have spotted him on the show – he has made frequent appearances as a resident coin expert since 2014.

Vagi says he appreciates receiving the ANA’s Numismatist of the Year award “not only as a top honor, but because it’s unusual for a recipient to be a specialist in ancient coins. I trust this reflects the rising profile of ancient coins within the numismatic community.”

Vagi will be celebrated at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money during the 130th Anniversary Awards Banquet, Aug. 13 at 7 p.m.

~ ~ ~

In honor of his extraordinary accomplishments in the field of numismatics, the ANA has bestowed its 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award on historian, writer and cataloger David Thomason Alexander. From museums to magazines, Alexader has maintained a vast record of professional involvement in the industry, and though he retired in 2013, his hobby activities have not slowed.

Alexander’s career began when he was in his early 20s – in 1963 he secured a position as the director of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida (now known as the HistoryMiami Museum). For the next decade or so, when he wasn’t at the museum, he could be found studying and preserving numismatic treasures recovered from the wrecks of Spanish galleons slumbering on the ocean floor off Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Whether at work or at play, Alexander’s motivation has always been to engage others in the lore of history and numismatics. He accomplishes this through presentations and, more often, writing. In 1974 he joined the staff on Coin World and concurrently became the last executive editor of The Numismatic Scrapbook magazine. He developed a keen interest in historical and art medals and has written extensively on these topics, including two books: American Art Medals, 1909-1995: Circle of Friends of the Medallion and Society of Medalists (2010), published by the American Numismatic Society (ANS) and Medals of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at New York University: An Under-utilized Resource in American Medallic Art (2019), one of the first books electronically published by the Newman Numismatic Portal. (The former text received the Professional Numismatists Guild’s Robert Friedberg Award in 2011.) In 1998 he founded the Medal Collectors of America, which has expanded into a robust group of dedicated scholars with its own journal and series of art medals.

Alexander also has written profusely for Stack’s Bowers Galleries, where he worked as a cataloger for 22 years. Prior to Stack’s, he shared his cataloging skills with several other firms, including Johnson & Jensen, Kagin’s, Numismatic Auctions of Florida and his own company, Alexander Numismatic Services.

Throughout these many pursuits, he has become a bit of a reference manual himself, and he is happy to share a page from his book with those eager to learn. In the late 1980s, he taught collecting basics classes at a community college in Miami and has served as an ANA Summer Seminar instructor several times. He’s given a slew of audio-visual presentations at ANA conventions and as part of an ANS seminar series. There’s no doubt that his participation in Toastmasters International with his wife, Pat, has played a role in helping him perfect his excellent presentation skills.

In addition to the ANA, the 81-year-old is a member of many other notable organizations. He is a charter member of the Florida United Numismatists (1955) and has served as editor of the American Israel Numismatic Association’s publication, The Shekel (1981-82); executive director of the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG, 1982-90); and president of the New York Numismatic Club (2005-06). He also has held several roles for the ANA, loaning both his expertise and his medals to the Association. He has served as a district delegate (1990), the ANA historian (1992-99), a member of the Education Committee (1993-95) and as the banquet chair of the 1997 New York City ANA Convention.

The adventurous collector’s numismatic awards far outnumber his club memberships. His writing alone has earned him dozens of accolades, such as the Society for International Numismatics’s Writer of the Year distinction (1963) and Silver Medal of Merit (1990), the NLG’s Clemy Award (1987), the ANA’s Wayte and Olga Raymond Memorial Literary Award for his article “Selling America’s Rarest Coin: The 1933 Double Eagle” (2003), the Burnett Anderson Memorial Award for Excellence in Numismatic Writing (2010) and the Token and Medal Society’s Silver Mishler Award for Numismatic Cataloging (2020). He was listed in Coin World’s “Most Influential People in Numismatics, 1960-2020.” Previously, the ANA has recognized him with the Glenn Smedley Memorial Award (1999), Medal of Merit (2000) and the Numismatist of the Year distinction (2013), along with four Presidential Awards.

Alexander will be celebrated during the 130th Anniversary Awards Banquet at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money.

The American Numismatic Association is a congressionally chartered, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The ANA helps its nearly 28,000 members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of educational and outreach programs as well as its museum, library, publications, and conventions. For more information, call 719-632-2646 or visit

World’s Most Valuable and Famous Rare Coin, 1933 Double Eagle, at Chicago World’s Fair of Money®

First public display of this historic coin since its $18.9 million record-shattering auction, courtesy of its anonymous new owner and GreatCollections

The world’s most valuable and famous rare coin, the 1933 Double Eagle previously owned by King Farouk of Egypt and shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, will be publicly exhibited for four days at the American Numismatic Association’s Chicago World’s Fair of Money (, Tuesday through Friday, August 10-13. This will be the historic gold coin’s first public display anywhere since it was sold at auction in early June for a record-breaking $18,872,250.

Photos courtesy of GreatCollections Coin Auctions.

The new owner told me that when this coin was first sold at auction in 2002 for a then-record-breaking $7.5 million, he was determined to one day own it. Nineteen years later, he fulfilled his dream. Now, after weeks of confidential meticulous planning and security arrangements, he graciously will be sharing it for the public to see in person at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money,” said Ian Russell, president of GreatCollections Coin Auction ( and exclusive consultant to the coin’s owner.

“We were absolutely surprised and ecstatic to be able to include this coin as a featured attraction at the upcoming Chicago World’s Fair of Money. This is a legendary coin, and we are honored that its new owner and GreatCollections are exhibiting it first at the ANA convention,” said Kim Kiick, ANA executive director.

The Chicago World’s Fair of Money will be open to the public in Hall A of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, August 10-14. The acclaimed 1933 Double Eagle will be displayed at the GreatCollections booth, #400, for the first four days of the five-day show.

United States $20 denomination gold coins (Double Eagles), specially designed by acclaimed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt, were struck from 1907 to 1933. Collectors often refer to them as “Saints” in recognition of their designer.

Although United States Mint records indicate 445,500 Double Eagles were struck in 1933, only one with that date is lawfully permitted for private ownership.

In April 1933, during the Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an executive order “forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States” with limited exceptions. A State Department export license was granted in 1944 for one 1933-dated Double Eagle so it could be owned by King Farouk of Egypt. This is the same coin that will be displayed. Two other 1933 Double Eagles are in the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

Public hours for the Chicago World’s Fair of Money are Tuesday, August 10, from 1 to 5:30 pm; Wednesday through Friday, August 11 to 13, from 10 am to 5:30 pm; and Saturday, August 14, from 10 am to 3:30 pm.

Public admission Tuesday through Friday is $10 daily or $25 for a three-day pass. Children 12 and under are admitted free daily and admission is free for everyone on Saturday.

For additional information visit

ANA Honors Distinguished Numismatists with Awards

Every year, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) recognizes members who go above and beyond with their service and dedication to numismatics. The following awards, which are presented at the World’s Fair of Money®, will be awarded during the Member & Awards Celebration, Thursday, Aug. 12 at 3 p.m. in room 25/26.

The Adna G. Wilde Jr. Memorial Award for Exemplary Service honors an ANA member who enthusiastically dedicates their time, expertise and resources to strengthen the hobby, and in particular, further the educational mission of the ANA. This year’s recipient, Eric Holcomb, has accomplished this many times over, primarily thanks to his aptitude for the written word.

Holcomb has served as the editor of MintMark, the newsletter of the ANA’s Representative Program, since 2002 (with a brief hiatus from 2006-08). Under his adept leadership, the quarterly bulletin has seen dozens of successful issues. The Oregon resident also lends his writing skills to his local area – since 1996, he has edited the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association’s journal, The Nor’wester. Holcomb also serves as president of the Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon, a position he’s had since 2012.

The retired aerospace engineer has been an ANA member for 42 years and a district representative for 13. In that time, the Association has recognized him with the Outstanding District Delegate award (2013), Presidential Award (2004), Glenn Smedley Memorial Award (2014) and Medal of Merit (2017).

The Association’s Medal of Merit is bestowed on members who have dedicated years of service to numismatics.

Prue Morgan Fitts came to numismatics later in life than most and has since become deeply involved on all levels, from personal to quasi-professional. Volunteering at conventions in the mid-1990s fueled her interest in several collecting areas, but she became focused on the Byzantine Empire when she inherited a clutch of gold “scyphates” and solidi from her father. She took ANA Summer Seminar courses on Roman and Byzantine coins and soon became an instructor on the latter topic and earned accreditation as an exhibit judge. She also developed a unique seminar course titled “Women in Power and in Art.”

Fitts regularly shares her enthusiasm with local and regional clubs as well as at ANA events. Her contributions as a lecturer plus her willingness to serve effectively in any capacity as a convention volunteer was recognized with a Glenn Smedley Memorial Award in 2002.

Fitts is empress of the Association of Dedicated Byzantine Collectors and a past president of Women in Numismatics. Her articles on Byzantine coinage, published in The Celator, have been well received. Her book The Beginner’s Guide to Identifying Byzantine Coinage was published in 2015.

Fitts currently serves on the board of the Boston Numismatic Society and the New England Numismatic Association. She is a former Governor of the ANA (2005-07). In addition to the Medal of Merit, Fitts has received ANA Presidential Awards (2004 and 2009), the Farran Zerbe Memorial Award (co-awardee with Arthur Fitts, 2012) and Elvira Clain-Stefanelli Memorial Award (2018). Her record of leadership and accomplishment, as well as her enthusiasm and cheerfulness, is exemplary. The ANA Medal of Merit is a fitting and worthy recognition of her contributions to the ANA and the hobby. Few women have so selflessly devoted as much time, talent and treasure to numismatics.

Ricardo de León Tallavas is the epitome of a numismatic ambassador. He represents the ANA throughout Latin America and is the Association’s district representative for Mexico.

Tallavas is a dedicated elementary schoolteacher and incorporates his love of numismatics into his students’ curriculum. He meets weekly with a coin club composed of 5th and 6th graders nominated by their teachers to partake in this extracurricular opportunity. He provides coins for the kids to research and worksheets for them to record what they have learned. His educational fervor also helps fuel his numismatic enthusiasm, as evidenced by his recurring role as an ANA Summer Seminar instructor. Tallavas is a leading authority on Mexican numismatics, and his classes are well attended.

He has delivered more than 50 lectures outside the seminar programs, many in countries south of the border. He has been a designated representative at six major international conferences of numismatists and historians in almost as many nations.

Tallavas has attended ANA conventions as a national volunteer for over a decade, serving at registration, providing interpreting when needed, and assisting at the Kids’ Zone. He has written or contributed to nine books and over 40 articles, the latter mostly in Spanish-language journals. He is a licensed broadcaster in Mexico and anchored a numismatic program in his hometown before moving to Houston, Texas.

His passion for the hobby has earned him many accolades. He was awarded the Glenn Smedley Memorial Award (2011), Catherine Sheehan Literary Award (2011) and Outstanding District Representative award (2019), among other honors. He has certainly proven to be worthy of the Medal of Merit, for which the criteria for bestowal are accomplishment of “numerous years of service to the ANA as well as promotion of numismatics.”

This year’s Harry J. Forman Dealer of the Year award recipient is Michael Fuljenz. Fuljenz is a longtime advocate and benefactor of the ANA, as well as a former ANA authenticator, grader and seminar instructor. He is not only an outstanding numismatic educator and community leader, but he also has helped many collectors and dealers who were victims of fraud. His primary focus is combating counterfeits in the marketplace and assisting law enforcement agencies in solving numismatic crimes.

In 2020 Fuljenz provided the funds for an investigative reporter to purchase coins and bullion ingots from the Chinese Internet sales platform Wish. One of the coins was a counterfeit 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle (gold $20) that violated the United States Protection Law for counterfeits. Once, he helped a Louisiana physician obtain a $1 million refund; this is one of many fraud cases he has helped solve. He also has served as a consultant to the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint and the Texas Attorney General.

Fuljenz sits on the boards of the National Coin & Bullion Association (NCBA) and the Crime Stoppers of Beaumont (Texas). The former Numismatist columnist also is a contributor to A Guide Book of United States Coins (the “Red Book”), and he teaches numerous seminars on counterfeiting and numismatic crime.

Fuljenz has been recognized with more than 60 Numismatic Literary Guild awards since 1986. Past ANA honors include a Presidential Award (1995), Glenn Smedley Memorial Award (2013) and Medal of Merit (2014).

The American Numismatic Association is a congressionally chartered, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The ANA helps its nearly 28,000 members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of educational and outreach programs as well as its museum, library, publications, and conventions. For more information, call 719-632-2646 or visit

Price, Rodriguez Receive ANA 2021 College Scholarships

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has awarded 2021 college scholarships to Paige Price from Bolivar, Missouri and Madeline Rodriguez from Evanston, Illinois. Each winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship to use toward tuition at an institution of their choice.

“The annual scholarship is an opportunity for the American Numismatic Association to expand on its core mission of education through higher learning,” said Rod Gillis, ANA education director. “The judges in charge of making a final decision had to work very hard to make their choices. There were many outstanding candidates to consider. It is obvious that ANA students are the best and brightest.” The recipients are eligible to receive the scholarship for up to four years.

Paige Price’s interest in coins began when she was nine, after her dad showed her a bag of foreign coins. “I thought they were so awesome so he showed us the rest of his collection, which at that time consisted of a few half dollars, paper money and odd coins,” said Price.

In 6th grade, Price started her own collection with state quarters and the National Park quarters. By 8th grade, she
joined a coin club and the ANA as a member, and became serious about her collecting. She has enjoyed attending coin shows, presenting Money Talks and putting together displays for shows.

Today, Price enjoys collecting Disney Dollars, half dollars (specifically Walking Liberties) and quarters (W mintmark quarters being her newest interest).

She plans to attend college at James River College in Ozark, Missouri, where she will major in digital video production.

The second college recipient, Madeline Rodriguez, has been collecting elongateds and U.S. coins since early elementary school.

“I started to collect elongateds at places like The Field Museum and Disney World when I was very little,” said Rodriguez. “My love for numismatics has only grown.”

Her collections include the Washington quarter series (focusing on the America the Beautiful set) and she’s looking forward to the upcoming Prominent Women series. Her interest in Greek and Roman ancients has grown as well, since joining the Chicago Coin Club.

Rodriguez plans to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she will major in aerospace engineering.

“I am really appreciative of this scholarship, said Rodriguez. “I am excited for the 2021 World’s Fair of Money in Chicago!”

Applications for the 2022 ANA College Scholarship will be available in January. Recipients are selected based on academic scholarship, numismatic accomplishments and financial need. Applicants must be a senior in high school and a member of the ANA.

For additional information, contact Rod Gillis via email at or call him at (719) 482-9845.

The American Numismatic Association is a congressionally chartered, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The ANA helps its 28,000 members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of educational and outreach programs, as well as its museum, library, publications and conventions. For more information, call (719) 632-2646 or visit

Dr. Ralph W. Ross to Become ANA’s 62nd President at Chicago World’s Fair of Money®

Voting members of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) have chosen a new president and vice president, and soon will be welcoming three new individuals and six incumbents to its Board of Governors for the 2021-23 election term.

Incoming President Dr. Ralph W. Ross and Vice President-elect Joseph E. Boling will be joined by new board members Charles Morgan and Mark Lighterman, along with returning members Mary Lynn Garrett, Clifford Mishler, Shanna Schmidt, Michael Ellis and Rob Oberth.

Mary Lynn Garrett was the top vote receiver. Vice President-elect Joseph E. Boling ran unopposed. In accordance with ANA bylaws, ballots for uncontested offices are not tabulated. Only the first vote is counted.

For President Votes
Ralph W. Ross, Ph. D 2,749
Donald H. Kagin, Ph. D 2,732

For Vice President Votes
Joseph E. Boling 1

Candidates for Governor Votes
Mary Lynn Garrett 4,165
Clifford Mishler 4,111
Shanna Schmidt 3,991
Michael Ellis 3,989
Rob Oberth 3,985
Charles Morgan 3,911
Mark Lighterman 3,910

Unelected Candidates for Governor Votes
Muriel Eymery 3,823

In the event that a board member cannot fulfill their term, the runner-up will fill the vacant seat for the remainder of the two-year term.

The new board will be sworn-in at the annual ANA Banquet on August 13, at the World’s Fair of Money® in Rosemont, Ill. Ross will become the Association’s 62nd president, succeeding current President Col. Steven Ellsworth, who will serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the board.

Donald H. Kagin lost his bid for President by a narrow margin; Muriel Eymery will be leaving the Board. After 10 years of service, Greg Lyon will be leaving the Board due to term limits.

ANA members had the option to vote by either electronic or paper ballot. Out of 5,560 total votes, 3,720 were cast by paper ballot while another 1,840 members voted electronically, representing 33.09 percent of votes cast.

The election was conducted and tabulated by Election Services Corporation of Hauppauge, New York. Overall, 19,027 ANA members were eligible to vote in this election; 29.22 percent of eligible voters participated. To be eligible to vote, members have to be at least 13 years old and a member of the Association for at least one year as of March 31 of the election year. In 2019, 19,737 members were eligible to vote; a total of 6,131 votes were cast, representing 31.06 percent of eligible members.

$100 Million Exhibit of U.S. Type Coins from The Tyrant Collection to be Displayed at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money®

The never-before-seen exhibit will showcase hundreds of superb condition coins, including the famous King of Siam proof set

For the first time ever, the public will be able to see the superb quality type set of more than 400 U.S. coins from the acclaimed Tyrant Collection ( at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money (, August 10-14. Ranging from 1793 to 1964, many of these historic coins are the finest known of their kind.

The centerpiece of the extraordinary exhibit will be the legendary King of Siam proof set which was originally presented in 1836 by the U.S. State Department to the King of Siam (now Thailand) as a gift on behalf of President Andrew Jackson.

Hosted by the nonprofit American Numismatic Association (ANA), the World’s Fair of Money is considered the biggest week of the year for collectors of coins, paper money, tokens and medals. The event traditionally features expansive educational forums led by notable speakers sharing their numismatic expertise, exhibits of rare treasures from private collectors, hundreds of coin dealers buying and selling numismatic items in all price ranges, and major auctions.

The legendary King of Siam proof set from The Tyrant Collection that will be displayed at the 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money includes a fabled Class I original 1804 Draped Bust dollar, graded PCGS PR67. (Photo credit: Lyle Engleson/Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles)

“This is the first time in over a decade that the full, fabled King of Siam set will be publicly displayed, and we’re delighted the set – in addition to the superb U.S. type coins – will be at the World’s Fair of Money,” said Kim Kiick, executive director of the ANA. “The unique King of Siam set will be accompanied by the leather-covered wood box that contained the presentation coins given 185 years ago to Rama III, the King of Siam. The ship’s log from the USS Peacock on that important diplomatic mission will also be displayed.”

The legendary set’s coins range in denomination from an 1834 Classic Head copper half cent to an 1804 “Plain 4” Heraldic Eagle gold $10. A renowned Class I 1804 Draped Bust silver dollar graded PCGS PR67 is also included.

Among the many highlights of the “U.S. Type Coins from the Tyrant Collection” exhibit at the 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money will be this 1793 Flowing Hair “Chain AMERI” large cent, graded PCGS SP65. (Photo credit: Professional Coin Grading Service)

“The entire, incomparable exhibit, entitled ‘U.S. Type Coins from The Tyrant Collection,’ is insured for $100 million,” said Ira Goldberg, CEO of Goldberg Coins and Collectibles, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. He is among those who have assisted the coins’ owner in building the collection of U.S. world and ancient coins that is often described as the world’s most valuable rare coin collection in private hands.

“The display will cover all U.S. types and sub-types, circulation strikes and proofs, from 1793 Liberty Cap half cents through the 1907 Saint-Gaudens Ultra High Relief $20 and everything in between to 1964. This undoubtedly will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see all these historic coins together,” explained Goldberg.

Although The Tyrant Collection owner wants to remain anonymous, he has been displaying portions of his ancient, world and U.S. coins for their educational value, one segment at a time, in a continuing series of themed exhibits that began in 2018 in California. Those exhibitions were suspended in early 2020 until now because of the pandemic.

In addition to the King of Siam set, a few of the many other highlights of the exhibit include:

  • 1793 S-1 Flowing Hair “Chain AMERI” large cent, graded PCGS SP65;
  • 1796 JR-1 Draped Bust, Small Eagle dime, PCGS SP67 CAC ex. Simpson Collection;
  • 1797 O-101a Draped Bust, Small Eagle half dollar, PCGS MS66 CAC ex. Pogue Collection;
  • 1795 Draped Bust, Small Eagle dollar, PCGS SP66, ex. Garrett, Hayes and Pogue Collections;
  • 1796 BD-2 Draped Bust, No Star quarter eagle, PCGS MS65 ex. Jung Collection; and
  • 1907 Ultra High Relief double eagle, PCGS PR68, ex. Augustus Saint-Gaudens estate.

Special display cases with LED lighting were constructed for The Tyrant Collection exhibits, and each coin’s obverse and reverse is shown with enlarged, color photographs for easy viewing. Detailed catalogs with information and superb illustrations about each coin in the exhibit will be available at the convention.

The World’s Fair of Money will be held in Hall A of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Road, in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago, Ill. Public hours are Tuesday, August 10, from 1 to 5:30 pm; Wednesday through Friday, August 11-13, from 10 am to 5:30 pm; and Saturday, August 14, from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Health and safety protocols will be in effect.

Admission for ANA members is free. Admission Tuesday through Friday is $10 daily or $25 for a three-day pass for non-members. Children 12 and under are admitted free daily and admission is free for everyone on Saturday. Additional information can be found online at

Presenters Wanted for 2021 World’s Fair of Money

The annual American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) World’s Fair of Money® is considered the biggest week of the year for collectors of coins, paper money, tokens and medals. The event features expansive educational forums led by notable speakers sharing their numismatic expertise, including the Sundman Lecture Series Symposium and Money Talks.

The ANA is currently accepting applications from members to present during the World’s Fair of Money at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Aug. 10-14.

Sundman Lecture Series Symposium

This year’s Sundman Lecture Series presentation topic is “Big, Bold and Beautiful – Coins that have stood out over the ages.” Since the invention of coinage, certain coins have stood out for their beauty, their bold design or their sheer size. This year’s Sundman lecture submissions should be based on the history behind big, bold and beautiful coins.

Submission Guidelines

Individuals interested in speaking at the symposium should submit a summary, not to exceed 500 words. Each summary should contain an introduction, a brief discussion of the subject, and sources and research method. Electronic submissions are preferred, but not required. Email presentation summaries to or mail to:

ANA Sundman Lecture Series
c/o Jennifer Ackerman
818 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

The deadline for submissions is June 4. Summaries will be reviewed and speakers are chosen by a panel based on originality, persuasiveness and relevance to the symposium topic. Papers that emphasize new research and scholarship will be prioritized. Presenters will be notified by June 18.

Proceedings from the symposium will be published on the ANA website ( Presenters must provide an electronic copy and paper printout of their papers prior to the symposium. Selected presenters will receive a $250 honorarium.

Attend the Symposium

Free and open to all attendees of the World’s Fair of Money, the Sundman Lecture Series Symposium will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 11 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

For questions regarding the Sundman Lecture Series, email Jennifer Ackerman at or call (719) 482-9839.

Money Talks

Numismatists are invited to share their expertise, ideas and research with fellow hobbyists during a 30- to 45-minute Money Talks presentation. Previous presentations have included such topics as “Siege Notes: The Currency of War,” “Strategies to Dispose of Your Collection” and “Curious Currency of the World.”

Submission Guidelines

Submit proposals and a brief biography online at or email Presentations should be accompanied by digital images. Proposals are due by May 21.

Attend the Talks

Free and open to all attendees of the World’s Fair of Money, Money Talks will take place Thursday and Friday, Aug. 12 and 13 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

For any questions regarding Money Talks, email Sam Gelberd at or call (719) 482-9846.

National Money Show® Money Talks Scheduled Online

Live webinars available through ANA eLearning Academy

With a mission to educate and encourage others to study and collect money and related items, the nonprofit American Numismatic Association (ANA) provides numerous educational opportunities to coin enthusiasts. Money Talks is one such program offered during ANA annual conventions. However, with the cancellation of the National Money Show in March due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s presentations have been moved online.

The 30- to 45-minute programs will be streamed live through the ANA’s eLearning Academy from May 24 through June 1. The webinars are presented by collectors who are often experts in their field of study. Money Talks presentations start at 10 a.m. MDT and include:

  • Strategies to Dispose of Your Collection
    May 24 with instructor Rod Gillis
  • Is Anything Ever Really New? Coin & Currency Déjà Vu over Two Millennia
    May 25 with instructor Hans H. Liu, M.D.
  • Proof Walking Liberty Half Dollars: One of the Most Underappreciated & Undervalued Series in Numismatics
    May 26 with instructor Ralph Wetterhahn
  • Overstrikes: Politics, Economics & Damnatio Memoriae on Byzantine Coins
    May 27 with instructor Alex Magnolia
  • Coins Melted to Manufacture War Material
    May 28 with instructor William Myers
  • Oh, No It Ain’t!
    May 29 with instructor Sam Gelberd
  • Dr. Lewis Feuchtwanger & the Numismatic Legacy of His Tokens
    May 31 with instructor Brad Seidel
  • Colonial Currency: German East Africa
    June 1 with instructor Doug Mudd

Money Talks are free and open to the public, but space is limited. For additional information and to register, visit

A Taste of Summer Seminar

Another ANA educational program moving online this year is Summer Seminar. The ANA previously announced the annual event, scheduled for June 19-24 (Session 1) and June 26-July 1 (Session 2), was cancelled due to COVID-19. Summer Seminar is a once-a-year opportunity that offers collectors a varied selection of week-long courses designed for discovery or continued study.

The Association will offer free virtual courses through the ANA eLearning Academy during the 2021 Summer Seminar dates that will provide participants a taste of the popular program. Topics will appeal to a broad range of collectors – from beginners to advanced numismatists – and will be presented by some of the hobby’s most renowned numismatists.

Learn more about Summer Seminar by visiting and to access the eLearning schedule once it has been finalized.

ANA eLearning Academy

The ANA eLearning Academy began in 2020 as a way to keep hobbyists engaged during a time when COVID-19 forced the cancellation of in-person numismatic events and gatherings throughout the country. Courses are led by collectors and professional numismatists, covering a wide array of topics related to numismatics. Classes change month-to-month and a list for upcoming courses can be found on the eLearning web page.

All webinars have been recorded and are available to watch on the eLearning web page or the ANA’s YouTube channel.

The ANA eLearning Academy webinars are made possible by Greysheet, the Official ANA eLearning Academy Partner.

Chicago World’s Fair of Money® Gets the Green Light

Safety protocols may limit size of the show

Coin collectors can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois – a suburb of Chicago – announced on May 4 that it will resume hosting trade shows and events beginning in July, which is great news for those hoping to attend the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) World’s Fair of Money (, Aug. 10-14.

The convention center, one of the largest such facilities in the U.S., plans to reopen with the health and safety of attendees top of mind, which likely means adhering to social distancing, wearing masks and establishing disinfecting protocols. The convention center has not yet indicated whether limits will be placed on the number of people allowed in the event facility at one time.

To adhere to safety protocols, the ANA currently is limiting the number of dealer tables to 300 to allow for appropriate distancing between booths. Once the bourse has sold out, dealers will be placed on a wait list. In the event that COVID conditions improve and protocols are relaxed, the ANA may increase the number of dealer tables to 500.

Produced by the nonprofit American Numismatic Association, the annual World’s Fair of Money is considered the biggest week of the year for collectors of coins, paper money, tokens and medals. The event traditionally features expansive educational forums led by notable speakers sharing their numismatic expertise; exhibits of rare treasures from private collectors and the ANA’s Money Museum; hundreds of dealers buying and selling numismatic items in all price ranges; and major auctions by Heritage Auctions ( and Stack’s Bowers Galleries ( A first-ever “Dealer Day” will be held immediately prior to the show on Aug. 9.

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