If you are interested in submitting news stories for publication, please note the following:

  • You must include contact information so that I can verify the source and for attribution.
  • You are responsible for the content of your release. If there is a problem and I am requested to take down the story for any reason, the story will be deleted.
  • If you send images please limit the number of images and their size. Images may be resized or excluded if there are too many or the file sizes are too big.
  • No press release will be allowed to have embedded links. You must provide the exact URL/URI that will be explicitly shown in the release. When published, the URL/URI will be clickable.
  • Publication of any press release or news items is made solely at my discretion.
  • Anyone abusing this service will be blocked.

If the rules are acceptable then feel free to send your inquiry below.

You can change the subject by entering it in the box above.


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