Accredited Precious Metals Dealers see busy bullion marketplace

(Temecula, California) August 30, 2021 – A bullion dealer’s organization is predicting that at year-end gold will close at $1,897, silver $28, and platinum $1,153, and perhaps go higher before dropping back.

The forecast was made by members of the Accredited Precious Metals Dealers program ( of the Professional Numismatists Guild ( Founded in 1954, the PNG is a non-profit organization of dealers who adhere to a strict code of ethics in the buying and selling of bullion, rare coins, and vintage paper money.

Their estimates for the year-end prices for gold, silver, and platinum are the mean averages of price predictions made by 25 accredited dealers across the country who responded to an informal survey.

“We’re hearing from dealers that many long-time customers are taking advantage of the recently lower bullion prices to cost average their precious metals investments. We’re also hearing about new buyers entering the marketplace because of the high demand for new designs of the 2021-dated United States Mint American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins,” explained Richard Weaver, president of the Professional Numismatists Guild.

“Some of the dealers think gold will go over $2,000 but settle back by year’s end,” said Barry Stuppler, a former PNG president who conducted the survey.

“No one has a crystal ball to know exactly what the future will be. The Accredited Precious Metals Dealers program members who responded to our survey based their forecasts on years of being on the front lines of the bullion markets,” said Weaver.

He advised investors to make price comparisons before making purchases and to beware of counterfeits offered online by unscrupulous sellers.

“Always be mindful of the premiums being charged over the intrinsic value of the precious metal coins or ingots. You absolutely need to know your precious metals dealer,” he cautioned.

There are 48 members of the Professional Numismatists Guild Accredited Precious Metals Dealers (PNG-APMD) and each underwent a background check before being admitted to the program. They now must adhere to a strict code of ethics in the buying and selling of bullion and numismatic items and guarantee the authenticity of the coins and bars they sell.

A directory of PNG-APMD members can be found at For additional information, contact the Professional Numismatists Guild at 951-587-8300 or

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