Legend Rare Coin Auctions to Sell Perfection Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars

Current # 2 PCGS Registry Set is a magnificent date run of GEM PCGS/CAC coins with an average grade of 65.478.

(Lincroft, NJ—July 21, 2022)—Legend Rare Coin Auctions is honored to present in Regency Auction 54 the astonishing Perfection Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars. A collection decades in the making, starting in the 1980s, Mr. Perfection, as he is known in the hobby, caught the Bust Half Fever, and over the course of these nearly 40 years, has owned many great examples, from AU to MS67. The 33-coin PCGS Date Set Registry Set begins with 1807 and ends with 1839-O. The coins in this set, which ranks as the current #2 set on the PCGS Registry, and #3 all time, as well as being the #2 CAC Registry Set.

“I have known Mr. Perfection for decades, and he has been an active and astute buyer from both Legend Numismatics and Legend Rare Coin Auctions,” said Laura Sperber, founder of both Legend firms. “As his chosen online ‘handle’ suggests, every coin had to be nothing less than perfection! We congratulate him in the historic offering we will be presenting.”

“I have had the majority of this set for many years,” said Mr. Perfection. I was missing one coin, the 1807 and could not find one I liked. Following Laura Sperber’s advice, ‘do not buy a coin just to fill a hole, be patient,’ I waited. Finally, I bought the coin in the collection from the Eugene Gardner Collection, previously having been part of the Col. Green and Eric P. Newman Collections.”

“The coins are all amazing!” declared Greg Cohen, senior numismatist for Legend Rare Coin Auctions. Having handled many of the greatest Bust half dollars offered in the last 5 years (LRCA sold the Konstantine Collection, the Chicago Collection, and the Dale Friend Estate), that is a powerful statement. All but one coin is CAC approved; several trace back to the famed Eliasberg Collection; there are a number of coins housed in old green tag holders, and these coins are fresh to the market. Each coin is a highlight!”

The Perfection Collection consists of the following dates and grades:

  • 1807 O-113 Small Stars Capped Bust MS63 PCGS Ex Green/Newman
  • 1808 MS66 PCGS CAC
  • 1809 50C Overton 107 III Edge MS64+ PCGS CAC
  • 1810 MS64 PCGS CAC
  • 1811 Small 8 MS66+ PCGS CAC
  • 1812 MS66+ PCGS CAC
  • 1813 MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1814 Overton 103 MS66+ PCGS CAC
  • 1815/2 MS64+ PCGS CAC Ex Eliasberg
  • 1817 MS66 PCGS CAC
  • 1818 50C Overton 111 MS66 PCGS CAC
  • 1819/8 Small 9 MS65 PCGS CAC
  • 1820 Square 2, Large Date, No Knob MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1821 MS66 PCGS CAC OGH
  • 1822 MS66 PCGS CAC OGH Ex Eliasberg
  • 1823 MS65+ PCGS CAC Ex Friend
  • 1824 MS66+ PCGS CAC
  • 1825 MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1826 MS67 PCGS CAC Ex Eliasberg
  • 1827 Square 2 MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1828 “Sq 2, Lg 8” MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1829 MS66+ PCGS CAC
  • 1830 Small 0 MS67 PCGS CAC OGH
  • 1831 MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1832 MS64+ PCGS CAC
  • 1833 Overton 108 MS66+ PCGS CAC
  • 1834 Lg Date Lg Letters MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1835 MS64+ PCGS CAC
  • 1836 50C Overton 113a Lettered Edge MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1836 Reed Edge MS64+ PCGS CAC
  • 1837 MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1838 MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1839 Capped, Large Letters. MS65+ PCGS CAC
  • 1839-O MS65+ PCGS CAC

Legend’s expert numismatists are in the process of cataloging and photographing this world class cabinet of Capped Bust half dollars. The collection will be presented in the firm’s boutique-style, hardbound catalog, each coin expertly described and imaged. Legend will have highlights of this collection on display at the upcoming American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, IL, August 16-20 at table 906.

There is still a few days left consign alongside the Perfection Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars. To consign to Legend Rare Coin Auctions, or for more information, contact the firm at 732-935-1168, or email info@legendauctions.com.

Bidding Already at $5,500 For Extremely Rare Dual Serial Number Error $5 Note

Certified by Professional Coin Grading Service, this banknote has mismatched serial numbers and is also missing some serial number digits

(Santa Ana, California – June 23, 2022) – Bidding has reached $5,500 for a strange $5 Federal Reserve banknote that was discovered by alert collector Alex Allis who submitted the bizarre error to Professional Coin Grading Service (www.PCGS.com). Bidding on the note with both mismatched and several missing serial numbers will close on Sunday, June 26, at GreatCollections (www.GreatCollections.com).

“Errors like this simply don’t turn up every day,” remarked PCGS President Stephanie Sabin.

This rare $5 bill error contains mismatched serial numbers and was graded Extremely Fine 40 PPQ by Professional Coin Grading Service before crossing the GreatCollections auction block for several thousand dollars. Courtesy of Professional Coin Grading Service.

“Our graders were stunned when they found this remarkable error come through. It speaks volumes about the trust collectors place in our grading and error diagnostics team that PCGS was top of mind for Ms. Allis upon her discovery of this incredible piece.”

“I was a coin collector for many years,” explains Allis, who said she began poring through banknotes during the pandemic when coin shortages stemmed the flow of coinage for her to search through. “Banks would give a thousand $1 bills but not a single roll of coins. I kept my dollar bills I received from change in a separate box, but when I was putting the $5 into the box it demanded my immediate attention.”

She recalls this error specimen feeling to the touch just like a brand-new bill might. “I looked at it about a thousand times. I checked all the usual signs of authenticity for bills.” She adds, “Of course, I didn’t sleep that night!” Recounting a flurry of errands that led her to landing this unusual $5 bill, Allis notes, “That day I went to the bank, grocery store, and a convenience store. I can’t be certain what establishment I received the bill from, but my guess is the convenience store.”

She submitted the error note to PCGS because of her positive impressions of the third-party grading company from having attended coin shows. “I chose PCGS because they are the premier grading service. I have attended shows in the past, and all the people were happy to help and garner excitement for collections.”

Allis says that throughout the pandemic she tried sparking an interest in her kids that might lead to them studying and collecting coins and banknotes. “Although I have had coins and currency put away, the pandemic reminded all of us how fragile life is – and how would my children know what to do with my collection?” She goes on to say, “They are totally engaged now!”

Nearly a decade ago, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) introduced new, state-of-the-art banknote production equipment meant to increase output and tighten quality control. large examining and printing equipment (LEPE systems, as they are known, were installed at both BEP facilities to augment decades-old currency overprinting and processing equipment (COPE) system capacity. This subject $5 error banknote is a product of the relatively novel LEPE system, which had just recently been approved for production of the $5 denomination in 2019.

With new technology comes new potential for the generation of exotic and mysterious mistakes, as evidenced right here. Research into the complicated technical specifics that caused the error continues, although it has been established that an LEPE system setup issue was fundamentally to blame. While it is not yet certain whether that configuration problem was digital or mechanical, accidental or intentional, or something else entirely, what remains wholly clear is that this $5 error type is guaranteed to induce jaw-dropping, breathtaking, and head-scratching reactions everywhere it goes.

About Professional Coin Grading Service

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is a third-party coin and banknote grading company that was launched in 1986. Over 35 years, PCGS has examined and certified more than 50 million U.S. and world coins, medals, and tokens with a combined value of over $49 billion. For more information about PCGS products and services, including how to submit your coins for authentication and grading, please visit www.PCGS.com or call PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848.

Fresh-to-market SS Central America treasures in Goldberg’s June 2022 auction

First-time offerings of California Fractionals and other important items recovered from the legendary “Ship of Gold”

(Los Angeles, California) June 20, 2022 – California Gold Rush-era treasures recovered from the fabled “Ship of Gold,” the SS Central America that sank in 1857, will be offered for the first time in the Pre-Long Beach auction by Goldberg Coins & Collectibles (www.GoldbergCoins.com) on June 27, 2022.

The auction includes 15 of the finest condition California Fractional Gold coins offered to date from the legendary sunken treasure, a 51.78-ounce Justh & Hunter assayer’s gold ingot. and one of the finest known surviving 1854 New Orleans Mint Seated Liberty quarter dollars that was retrieved from the purser’s safe on the ship.

“The SS Central America is a time capsule of the California Gold Rush. Each of the treasure coins in the auction is housed in a special PCGS holder containing gold dust from miners’ pokes that were also recovered from about 7,200 feet below the Atlantic Ocean’s surface,” explained Larry Goldberg, co-owner of Goldberg Coins & Collectibles in Los Angeles.

“The California Fractionals being offered for the first are the finest quality coins released to date from the 103 found during the 2014 recovery mission. There are some beautiful gems and prooflikes,” said Dwight Manley, managing partner of the California Gold Marketing Group which consigned the sunken treasure items to the auction.

Highlights of the auction session include:

Justh & Hunter 51.78 oz gold bar

  • 1856 Octagonal Liberty gold half dollar, Breen and Gillio-311, graded PCGS MS-66 PL;
  • 1856 Round Liberty Head gold half dollar, Breen and Gillio-434, PCGS MS-65 Plus;
  • 1854-O Arrows At Date, Huge O Mintmark, Seated Liberty quarter dollar, PCGS AU-55;
  • Justh & Hunter 51.78-ounce, 889 fine gold bar. It was stamped by the Gold Rush-era assayers with its value at the time of creation, $951.57. Its current value is estimated at between $150,000 and $200,000.

The SS Central America was a 280-foot long, three-masted side-wheel steamship carrying what Life magazine later called “The Greatest Treasure Ever Found,” tons of California Gold Rush-era gold coins and assayers’ ingots. She sank in a hurricane about 150 miles off the North Carolina coast in September 1857.

The Goldberg’s Pre-Long Beach auction will be conducted June 26-29 with the SS Central America coins offered as lots number 747 through 764 in the June 27 session. The entire auction catalog with lot descriptions and color photographs can be found online at https://auctions.goldbergcoins.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/92. Printed copies of the catalog are available for $15 each postpaid.

For additional information, contact Goldberg Coins & Collectibles at 310-551-2646, by email at info@GoldbergCoins.com, or visit online at https://GoldbergCoins.com.

NGC-certified Coin from Famous Shipwreck Offered in MDC Monaco Auction

An array of rare ancient and world coins certified by NGC, including a coin salvaged from a shipwreck off the Florida coast, are being offered in an upcoming auction. Online bidding is currently underway for Monnaies de Collection Monaco’s Auction No. 9, with sessions concluding June 3–4, 2022.

The top NGC-certified lot is a gold coin recovered from the wreckage of the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet that sank off the coast of Florida during a hurricane. The Mexico 1715MO J “Royal” 8 Escudos is graded NGC MS 62 with Large Rosettes on Reverse and pedigreed to the 1715 Fleet (lot 1110).

Intended for important dignitaries, Royal coinage was struck on special planchets that are markedly different than the crude cobs typical of Spanish colonial mints of this era. Only a few dozen examples of Royal 8 Escudos from all dates are known. This one has a starting price of €250,000 (about $260,000).

Another top NGC-graded lot is a coin that depicts a young Queen Victoria and is regarded by many as the most beautiful in British numismatics. The Great Britain 1839 Una and the Lion 5 Sovereign is graded NGC PF 62 Ultra Cameo (lot 927) and has a starting price of €150,000 (about $156,000).

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Regency Auction 51 Featuring Specialized Early Dollar and Pattern Collections Bring Glorious Results

(Lincroft, NJ. 4/29/2022)—Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Regency 51, featuring the first parts of the Dale Friend Collection and Glorious Patterns Collection, took place on the evening of April 28, 2022, and the sale was a roaring success! The sale began with first portion of the Dale Friend Collection, including his collection early silver dollars. From the day the sale went live, a record number of collectors and dealers started watching the sale, tracking the lots. For decades, Dale would attend coin shows, conventions, and auctions all over the United States, seeking out the coins that had “the look.” In those travels, Dale befriended many collectors and dealers, and it was obvious that demand for his coins would be intense.

“Dale was a real collector’s collector,” said Laura Sperber, founder of Legend Rare Coin Auctions. “He was a real friend and supporter of both Legend Rare Coin Auctions and Legend Numismatics. Once we saw what he had left when he passed, we knew the results were going to be very strong, especially in this market. Take a look at these highlight lots from the first portion of Dale’s Collection:”

  • Lot 2. 1C 1925-S PCGS MS65 RD CAC, realized $30,550.00
  • Lot 12. 25C 1905-O PCGS MS66+ CAC, ex Pogue, realized  $21,150.00
  • Lot 19. $1 1795 2 Leaves. PCGS AU58 CAC, ex Col. Green/Eric Newman, realized $105,750.00
  • Lot 23. $1 1795 Centered Bust. PCGS AU53, realized $34,075.00
  • Lot 28. $1 1797 9X7 Stars, Small Letters. PCGS XF40 CAC, ex Eliasberg, realized  $30,550.00
  • Lot 30. $1 1798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars. PCGS AU58 CAC, ex Cardinal-Legend, realized $205,625.00
  • Lot 36. $1 1799 8X5 Stars. PCGS AU58 CAC, ex Hesselgesser/Cardinal, realized  $41,125.00
  • Lot 41. $1 1800 10 Arrows. PCGS AU55 CAC, ex Hesselgesser/Cardinal, $36,425.00
  • Lot 46. $1 1802 Narrow Date. PCGS AU58, realized $38,775.00
  • Lot 50. $5 1809/8 PCGS MS64+ CAC, realized $79,312.50
  • Lot 51. $5 1827 PCGS AU58+ CAC, realized $79,312.50.
  • Lot 53. $20 1881-S PCGS MS63+ CAC, ex Saddle Ridge Hoard, realized $29,375.00

“The results show that even non-CAC approved coins are doing quite well in this market,” Sperber continued.

After the Friend Collection coins sold, the auction progressed into type coins, silver dollars, patterns (anchored by the Glorious Patterns Collection, Part 1), and then gold and commemoratives.

“The Glorious Pattern Collection did far better than we expected. There were many collectors bidding and many of them were new,” said Jessica Berkman, newly named President of Legend Rare Coin Auctions. “The 20C Patterns were especially crazy! Three lots, 326 (The Bass J-1356. PCGS PR65 CAC); 328 (J-1398. PCGS PR65 CAM CAC); and 329 (J-1404. PCGS PR65 RB CAC), estimated at $38,000 realized $95,175!”

Other sale highlights included:

  • Lot 137. 25C 1932-S PCGS MS65+ CAC $9,987.50
  • Lot 161. 50C 1939 PCGS MS68+ CAC $49,937.50
  • Lot 214. $1 1881-S PCGS MS67 CAC $19,387.50
  • Lot 234. $1 1884-O PCGS MS62 CAC $$3,055.00
  • Lot 247. $1 1885-O PCGS MS65 CAC $8,812.50
  • Lot 384. $5 1802/1 PCGS MS64+ CAC $102,812.50
  • Lot 417. $20 1922 PCGS MS65+ CAC $18,212.50

Ms. Sperber concluded her comments on the state of the market by saying: “We consider the overall results being very strong. The only areas that showed some weakness was non-CAC Type. Generic gold, of course was super strong, reflecting not just the strength of the numismatic market, but also the increased demand during these uncertain economic times.”

Legend’s next auction will be held on May 28, 2022 in New Orleans, the official auction of the PCGS Members Only Show. Anchored by the Dale Friend Collection, Part 2, the Oak Collection of Mint State $3 Gold Pieces, and the Glorious Patterns Collection, Part 2, this will be another amazing numismatic event. The firm is accepting consignments for Regency Auction 53 (July) and beyond. Talk to us about consigning your coins to our blockbuster auctions!

NGC-certified Chinese and British Rarities in Highly Anticipated April Sale

NGC is proud to have certified many of the greatest rarities in Chinese and British numismatics, some of which are being featured in an auction presented by Taisei Coins and The Royal Mint. Bidding is already underway for the sale, which will be held April 29.

The highly valuable Chinese coins include a 1927 Chang Tso Lin Silver Dollar graded NGC MS 62, with an Eduard Kann Collection pedigree that was recently re-established by NGC. Another coin is an 1867 Shanghai Tael — With Rays, graded NGC PF 63+. It’s a rare survivor from a group that was mostly melted after the design was rejected by the Chinese government.

Learn about the sale’s Chinese coins →

Meanwhile, the sale includes an extremely rare Henry VII Sovereign that was hand-struck in gold over 500 years ago. Only two examples of this coin are known to be in private hands, and bidding for this one starts at ¥100,000,000 (about $800,000). The sale also features another great British rarity, an 1817 Three Graces Silver Pattern.

Learn about the sale’s British coins →

The auction, being held amid the Tokyo International Coin Convention, includes exciting NGC-certified coins from many other countries as well. Another spectacular lot is a German New Guinea 1895A 10 Marks graded NGC PF 65 Cameo and pedigreed to the Paramount Collection.

Learn about the sale’s other coins →


The auction contains hundreds of lots in a wide array of collecting categories, at price points that will appeal to both novices and veteran collectors alike. Important collections will be sold.

RENO, Nev. – Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC’s four-day Western Americana Auction begins today, April 21st, and runs through April 24th, with start times each day of 8 am Pacific time. The auction will be held online, via several platforms, as well as live in Holabird’s gallery located at 3555 Airway Drive in Reno. Hundreds of collectible lots will come up for bid.

Today’s offerings – 597 lots in all – will feature three major collecting categories: art, with just under 100 lots set to cross the auction block; Native Americana (a popular staple at Holabird auctions), featuring 65 lots; and the day’s star category – philatelic, with 52 lots of first day covers, 172 lots of postcards and 71 lots of stamps. Nearly 300 lots of philatelic will be sold.

Day 2, Friday, April 22nd, will be super-busy, with categories that include jewelry, attire, bottles, toys, circus, gaming, liquor, tobacciana, menus, the entertainment industry, sports, calendars, advertisement, autographs, photography, maps, transportation, militaria, firearms and weaponry, general Americana (geographically sorted) and miscellaneous collectibles – a total of 637 lots.

A top lot in the firearms and weaponry category is lot #2502, a trapdoor Springfield Model 1870 rifle, a full-length two-band musket of which only 1,000 were made. The model is recognized by the rear sight up against the receiver; the second model has the rear sight about one inch from the receiver. This would be a fine restoration project for a collector. It has an estimate of $300-$500.

Trapdoor Springfield Model 1870 rifle, a full-length two-band musket of which only 1,000 were made. This would be a fine restoration project for a collector (est. $300-$500).

Also offered on Day 2 is a rare, unissued Bodie Bank (Calif.) stock certificate from the 1870s. The Bodie Bank was formed in 1878. It was taken over in 1890 by JS Cain (est. $100-$200). Also, an ADLAKE (short for “Adams and Westlake”) non-sweating red and blue lens lamp, 16 inches tall, should reach $200-$300. ADLAKE did business in Chicago and Elkhart, Indiana.

Day 3, April 23rd, will also see brisk activity. The categories will include mining, fossils, minerals, tokens and numismatics (which will feature bullion, ingots, coins, currency, dies, ephemera, foreign and medals and exonumia (numismatics, but other than coins and paper money; examples are tokens, medals and scrip). All combined, Day 3 will offer 628 lots.

One of the undisputed star lots on Day 3 promises to be the US Mint San Francisco 23.06-ounce silver ingot, 999.75 fine, sizable at 2 ¼ inches by 3 ½ inches, with original Mint patina strong throughout (est. $5,000-$9,000). Also sold will be a 5-cent token for the J. F. Hope saloon in Empire, Nevada, round and made of brass, 25mm in diameter, from circa 1890 (est. $100-$200).

Day 3 will also feature numerous lots of Chinese viewing stones. For millennia, Chinese and other Asian cultures have appreciated the exquisite beauty of special stones gathered from nature. They are now widely named viewing stones by connoisseurs, collectors, and hobbyists who enjoy and share their appreciation of their simple aesthetics and sometimes fanciful beauty.

The auction’s final day, Sunday, April 24th, will contain over 600 lots, to include stocks and bonds (mining, railroad, etc.), advertising, advertising, tobacciana, 3D collectibles, toys and model railroading, photography, postcards, more philatelic, stamps, stocks, maps, general Americana and the ever-popular bargains and dealer lots, which account for 388 lots alone).

Lot 4234 is a group of seven prints by the famed Western artist Charles M. Russell (1864-1926), each one rolled up and with metal clasps on the top for wall hanging (est. $300-$400). Russell created over 2,000 paintings of cowboys, Indians and landscapes set in the Western United States and in Alberta, Canada, in addition to bronze sculptures. He was known as “the cowboy artist”.

Lot 4234 is a group of seven prints by the famed Western artist Charles M. Russell (1864-1926), each one rolled up and with metal clasps on the top for wall hanging (est. $300-$400).

Also offered on Day 4 is a group of six vintage Auto Club of Southern California maps, for Bishop, Mina, Mono County, Tonopah and Goldfield (est. $70-$120); as well as a collection of around 350 colorful labels for large cans (jams, cherries, oats, salmon, pumpkin, figs, pears, apples, macaroni, etc.), about 5 inches by 20 inches each and great for framing (est. $250-$400).

Color catalogs are available by calling 1-844-492-2766, or 775-851-1859. Also, anyone owning a collection that might fit into an upcoming Holabird Western Americana Collections auction is encouraged to get in touch. The firm travels extensively throughout the U.S., to see and pick up collections. The company has agents all over America and will travel to inspect most collections.

Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC is always seeking new and major collections to bring to market. It prides itself as being a major source for selling Americana at the best prices obtainable, having sold more than any other similar company in the past decade alone. The firm will have its entire sales database online soon, at no cost – nearly 200,000 lots sold since 2014.

To consign a single piece or a collection, you may call Fred Holabird at 775-851-1859 or 844-492-2766; or, you can send an e-mail to fredholabird@gmail.com. o learn more about Holabird Western Americana Collections and the four-day Western Americana Auction that runs from April 21st thru April 24th, please visit www.holabirdamericana.com. Updates are posted often.

Skinner Unveils the Joys of a Lifetime Collection in Major AmericanCurrency Sale

The online sale is the first in a series of auctions showcasing the complete holdings of a major collector of American coins, with nearly every item in The Red Book represented.

MARLBOROUGH, MA – Skinner Auctioneers will host an online auction of Coins & Currency from March 27, 2022 – April 6, 2022. The sale’s hundreds of featured lots all derive from the estate of a New England antiquarian who amassed a formidable collection of coins in the course of over 70 years. This auction includes mint products from the early to modern United States, including certified coins, nickels, dimes and half-dimes of rare and exceptional quality.

The accumulation of a devotedly personal collecting hobby, which is itself a time-capsule of the priorities and practices of the American coins market over the past several decades, Skinner’s upcoming auction is a bounty of fine specimens of historical currency—a broad field, loaded with many hidden gems. Exemplary of the collection’s quality and care is an 1891 Carson City Liberty Head Eagle of Near-Mint Condition (est. $1,500-2,500). This $10 gold piece was one of the largest denominations available to the public at the time, minted in extremely limited runs and largely circulated between banks. Its rarity is compounded by its Carson City provenance, a short-lived U.S. mint that epitomized for many the hopes and harmonies of the American West. Skinner Coins Specialist David Donahue notes that a preponderance of special Carson City coins will be featured in this sale alongside this eagle.

An 1817 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Choice Uncirculated (est. $500-800), epitomizes the great care and sharp eye characteristic of this fine collection. The obverse capped bust of Lady Liberty, long a collectors’ favorite, and the rearing eagle on reverse each bear an exemplary level of detail and quality, notwithstanding the 205 years since this coin was initially struck. With many fine details hand-punched into the dies, this is an ideal coin with which to study the minute variations and detail-work of the iconic capped bust. Once the most-circulated large silver coin of its day, the quality of this lot at auction is a rarity and a special occasion. An 1868 “Missing Leaf” Shield Nickel, Gem Uncirculated (est. $300-500) is another widely cherished coin for its signature idiosyncrasy—an olive leaf missing from the engravature around the Shield of Liberty on the obverse. This coin is still in such fine condition as to allow for the study of its several die cracks.

The collection goes back to the late 18th Century, with a 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime, Good (est. $600-900) as an early representative example. One of the first silver coins that the U.S. Mint put out, the half dime had a limited mintage to begin with, making for even fewer survivors today. The flowing hair of Liberty represents one of the first federally authorized depictions of her. Additionally, two 1875 Twenty Cent Seated Liberties, Semi-Prooflike/Extremely Fine (est. $250 & $350, respectively), gesture at the unfixed nature and history of numismatics itself. Seen here with different levels of eye-catching toning, these coins were stored for several decades in paper envelopes, the acid of which altered their faces in lustrous, ruddy hues. Made for only two years and discontinued due to their resemblance to the quarter, and having now outlived the period in which cleaning and polishing were common in archival treatment, these Seated Liberties are emblematic of the long and winding road of history and its preservation over time.

About Skinner

Skinner attracts top consignments and commands record-breaking prices in the international auction marketplace. With renowned expertise and extraordinary service, Skinner is the place for buyers, sellers and the passionately curious. Skinner appraisers are familiar faces on PBS’s 19-time Emmy Award-nominated ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Visit us in Boston, Marlborough, New York, Maine, Florida, or online at https://www.skinnerinc.com.

Gold Gleams Boldly and Brilliantly in Legend’s 50th Regency Auction

Naples Collection, Part II and Half Dome Collection lead the way in record breaking event

(Red Bank, NJ—January 31, 2022). Legend Rare Coin Auctions (LRCA) started 2022 with a real bang with Regency Auction 50 shattering auction records on a number of numismatic rarities, including the all time highest price paid in auction for a 1907 Rolled Edge Eagle, realizing $587,500! (This and all subsequent prices noted include the firm’s 17.5% buyers premium).

The first lot of the sale really set the tone for the rest of the evening when a near-Gem 1776 Continental dollar, the E.G. FECIT type, in PCGS MS64 CAC and pedigreed to the Dr. Jerry Buss and Larry Miller Collections, sold for $146,875. Strong prices continued even in series long-neglected like three-cent nickels, like lot 31, an 1870 PCGS PR66+ DCAM CAC, that brought $12,337.50.

As expected pre-sale, the attention was highly focused on the two anchor consignments of gold: Part II of the Naples Collection of Early Gold and selections of duplicates from the Half Dome Collection. These two consignments realized not just strong prices, but in some cases prices that were, as founder, Laura Sperber put it “beyond moon money.” Demand for exceptional quality rare date gold coins in all series is stronger now than ever before, with new, well-healed and educated collectors entering into the market, seeing how much value there is in numismatics. The explosion in demand over the last few years has driven prices up dramatically. Looking at one example is the Rolled Edge eagle from the Half Dome Collection. One of only 42 struck, this extremely rare and popular type is always in demand. The previous auction record was for the PCGS MS67 CAC example owned by the late D. Brent Pogue, realizing $576,000; the Half Dome coin, graded MS65+ realized $587,500!

Other areas also saw strong bidding, including high-end commemorative half dollars, and a sensational AU58+ Clark Gruber $5 which realized the second-highest price ever recorded for an example of this popular territorial issue, hitting nearly $53,000 is extremely strong bidding.

Highlight lots:

  • 1  $1 1776 Continental, E.G. Fecit. PCGS MS64 CAC    $146,875.00
  • 7 1C 1882 PCGS MS66+ CAC  $14,100.00
  • 31  3CN 1870 PCGS PR66+ DCAM CAC $12,337.50
  • 65 5C 1892 PCGS PR67+ CAM CAC  $17,625.00
  • 90  5C 1913 Type I. PCGS PR66+ CAC $8,517.50
  • 103 25C 1870 PCGS PR66+ CAM CAC  $8,518.00
  • 140  50C 1897 PCGS PR68 CAM CAC $29,375.00
  • 143  50C 1935-S PCGS MS66+ CAC  $10,575.00
  • 145  50C 1942-D PCGS MS68  $34,075.00
  • 163  $1 1893 PCGS PR66+ DCAM  CAC $29,375.00
  • 172  $1 1875-S PCGS MS65+ CAC  $14,687.50
  • 198 $1 1902 PCGS PR66 CAM CAC  $34,075.00
  • 207 $5 1795 Small Eagle PCGS MS61 CAC $141,000.00
  • 210 $5 1799 Small Stars Reverse. PCGS MS62+ CAC $73,437.50
  • 214 $5 1804 Small. 8 PCGS MS63+ CAC $64,625.00
  • 217  $5 1806 Round 6 7X6 Stars. PCGS MS64 CAC $94,000.00
  • 220  $2.50 1912 PCGS MS65+ CAC $34,075.00
  • 223  $10 1907 Wire Rim. PCGS MS66 CAC $199,750.00
  • 224 $10 1907 Rolled Edge. PCGS MS65+ CAC  $587,500.00
  • 228  $20 1907 No Motto. PCGS MS66+ CAC  $$43,475.00
  • 229  $20 1908 Motto. PCGS MS65+CAC $42,300.00
  • 236 $20 1927-S  PCGS MS65+ CAC $246,750.00
  • 241  $4 1879 Stella, Flowing Hair. PCGS PR64 CAMEO CAC $217,375.00
  • 242  $5  1820 Square Base 2. PCGS MS63+ CAC $73,437.50
  • 270 50C 1918 LINCOLN PCGS MS67+ CAC  $9,987.50
  • 274 50C 1936-D Rhode Island. PCGS MS67+ CAC  $8,518.00
  • 276 $5 CLARK GRUBER PCGS AU58+ $52,875.00

“From the moment the auction began previews on our website, the highlight coins brought a record number of page views, and as soon as the auction opened for pre-bidding, we could tell the action would be intense,” explained Julie Abrams, president of Legend Auctions. “The attendance in person at the sale showed that collectors are back to attending shows and auctions again, and the in person bidding was as strong as any Regency Auction prior to the pandemic.”

“From the market perspective,” added Laura Sperber, “there are so few great coins to be found out there, that when they appear at auction, the action is very fierce, and when your auction sales are curated to only include high quality, important rare coins, like our Regency Auctions, the results are event stronger.”

LRCA is always looking to extend its streak of record-breaking Regency Auctions, with its 51st that will take place as an official auction of the Central States Numismatic Convention in Schaumberg, IL on April 21. Consignments are being accepted until mid-March. For more information, or to consign, call 732-935-1168 or email info@legendauctions.com.

Classical Numismatic Group Announced as Official Auction Partner for the 2022 National Money Show®

Ken Bressett Collection of Roman Coinage to be Auctioned

2022 National Money ShowThe American Numismatic Association (ANA) is pleased to announce that Classical Numismatic Group, LLC (CNG) will be conducting an Official ANA Auction at the National Money Show® (NationalMoneyShow.com) to be held at the iconic Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 10-12, 2022. CNG also has been selected to conduct an Official ANA Auction at the Phoenix National Money Show in 2023.

Established in 1975, CNG (cngcoins.com) is an international firm with offices in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and London, England with a focus on ancient, medieval and British numismatics, as well as U.S. coins.

The CNG auction will be online only, with lot viewing available at the show. (The date of the auction is yet to be determined.) The first part of the auction will be the sale of the Ken Bressett collection of Roman coinage. Bressett, the editor emeritus of A Guide Book of United States Coins (the official Red Book), was careful not to collect anything featured in the Red Book to avoid any conflict of interest, according to CNG Managing Director Mike Gasvoda. Bressett’s Roman coinage collection will comprise 300 to 350 lots.

“We are thrilled to be conducting an official ANA auction and hope that this is the first of many,” says Gasvoda. “As an ANA member for more than 40 years, it gives me great pleasure to be a part of furthering the mission of the Association.”

To consign items with CNG for the National Money Show auction, collectors can contact Gasvoda at mike@cngcoins.com.

The 2022 National Money Show offers collectors access to hundreds of dealers offering extensive numismatic inventory at all price levels, exhibits of rare and historical treasures, and educational programming for both beginning and seasoned hobbyists. The show is hosted by the nonprofit, Colorado Springs-based American Numismatic Association, which is dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The ANA helps its members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its array of educational and outreach programs.

For more information, call (719) 632-2646 or visit money.org.

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