Naples Collection, Part II and Half Dome Collection lead the way in record breaking event

(Red Bank, NJ—January 31, 2022). Legend Rare Coin Auctions (LRCA) started 2022 with a real bang with Regency Auction 50 shattering auction records on a number of numismatic rarities, including the all time highest price paid in auction for a 1907 Rolled Edge Eagle, realizing $587,500! (This and all subsequent prices noted include the firm’s 17.5% buyers premium).

The first lot of the sale really set the tone for the rest of the evening when a near-Gem 1776 Continental dollar, the E.G. FECIT type, in PCGS MS64 CAC and pedigreed to the Dr. Jerry Buss and Larry Miller Collections, sold for $146,875. Strong prices continued even in series long-neglected like three-cent nickels, like lot 31, an 1870 PCGS PR66+ DCAM CAC, that brought $12,337.50.

As expected pre-sale, the attention was highly focused on the two anchor consignments of gold: Part II of the Naples Collection of Early Gold and selections of duplicates from the Half Dome Collection. These two consignments realized not just strong prices, but in some cases prices that were, as founder, Laura Sperber put it “beyond moon money.” Demand for exceptional quality rare date gold coins in all series is stronger now than ever before, with new, well-healed and educated collectors entering into the market, seeing how much value there is in numismatics. The explosion in demand over the last few years has driven prices up dramatically. Looking at one example is the Rolled Edge eagle from the Half Dome Collection. One of only 42 struck, this extremely rare and popular type is always in demand. The previous auction record was for the PCGS MS67 CAC example owned by the late D. Brent Pogue, realizing $576,000; the Half Dome coin, graded MS65+ realized $587,500!

Other areas also saw strong bidding, including high-end commemorative half dollars, and a sensational AU58+ Clark Gruber $5 which realized the second-highest price ever recorded for an example of this popular territorial issue, hitting nearly $53,000 is extremely strong bidding.

Highlight lots:

  • 1  $1 1776 Continental, E.G. Fecit. PCGS MS64 CAC    $146,875.00
  • 7 1C 1882 PCGS MS66+ CAC  $14,100.00
  • 31  3CN 1870 PCGS PR66+ DCAM CAC $12,337.50
  • 65 5C 1892 PCGS PR67+ CAM CAC  $17,625.00
  • 90  5C 1913 Type I. PCGS PR66+ CAC $8,517.50
  • 103 25C 1870 PCGS PR66+ CAM CAC  $8,518.00
  • 140  50C 1897 PCGS PR68 CAM CAC $29,375.00
  • 143  50C 1935-S PCGS MS66+ CAC  $10,575.00
  • 145  50C 1942-D PCGS MS68  $34,075.00
  • 163  $1 1893 PCGS PR66+ DCAM  CAC $29,375.00
  • 172  $1 1875-S PCGS MS65+ CAC  $14,687.50
  • 198 $1 1902 PCGS PR66 CAM CAC  $34,075.00
  • 207 $5 1795 Small Eagle PCGS MS61 CAC $141,000.00
  • 210 $5 1799 Small Stars Reverse. PCGS MS62+ CAC $73,437.50
  • 214 $5 1804 Small. 8 PCGS MS63+ CAC $64,625.00
  • 217  $5 1806 Round 6 7X6 Stars. PCGS MS64 CAC $94,000.00
  • 220  $2.50 1912 PCGS MS65+ CAC $34,075.00
  • 223  $10 1907 Wire Rim. PCGS MS66 CAC $199,750.00
  • 224 $10 1907 Rolled Edge. PCGS MS65+ CAC  $587,500.00
  • 228  $20 1907 No Motto. PCGS MS66+ CAC  $$43,475.00
  • 229  $20 1908 Motto. PCGS MS65+CAC $42,300.00
  • 236 $20 1927-S  PCGS MS65+ CAC $246,750.00
  • 241  $4 1879 Stella, Flowing Hair. PCGS PR64 CAMEO CAC $217,375.00
  • 242  $5  1820 Square Base 2. PCGS MS63+ CAC $73,437.50
  • 270 50C 1918 LINCOLN PCGS MS67+ CAC  $9,987.50
  • 274 50C 1936-D Rhode Island. PCGS MS67+ CAC  $8,518.00
  • 276 $5 CLARK GRUBER PCGS AU58+ $52,875.00

“From the moment the auction began previews on our website, the highlight coins brought a record number of page views, and as soon as the auction opened for pre-bidding, we could tell the action would be intense,” explained Julie Abrams, president of Legend Auctions. “The attendance in person at the sale showed that collectors are back to attending shows and auctions again, and the in person bidding was as strong as any Regency Auction prior to the pandemic.”

“From the market perspective,” added Laura Sperber, “there are so few great coins to be found out there, that when they appear at auction, the action is very fierce, and when your auction sales are curated to only include high quality, important rare coins, like our Regency Auctions, the results are event stronger.”

LRCA is always looking to extend its streak of record-breaking Regency Auctions, with its 51st that will take place as an official auction of the Central States Numismatic Convention in Schaumberg, IL on April 21. Consignments are being accepted until mid-March. For more information, or to consign, call 732-935-1168 or email

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