The Royal Mint has released the next coin in the collectable series, inspired by Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, featuring the loveable character Tigger on an official UK 50p.

The sixth coin in a nine-coin collection, the commemorative 50p featuring Tigger follows the release of Owl, and Winnie the Pooh and his friends, respectively, on a 50p piece in 2021.

The collection began in 2020 with Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin and Piglet, and the final three coins are set to be unveiled next year, at The Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint’s designer Daniel Thorne remastered Tigger for a 50p piece, based on the original watercolour decorations of E.H. Shepard, first published in the A.A. Milne’s classic tales 95 years ago.

As with each coin in the collection, the design depicts the iconic E.H. Shepard characters and Daniel Thorne’s signature bee motif, adding a special feature for collectors across the nine-coin range.

Available in gold, silver and brilliant uncirculated, and special-colour edition, the range combines The Royal Mint’s 1,100-year-old minting traditions with innovative colour printing technology.

Clare Maclennan, The Royal Mint’s Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin, said: “Winnie the Pooh is a family favourite which, just like the joy of coin collecting, unites generations. With so many loveable characters in the range, combined with the craftsmanship and innovation at The Royal Mint, the collection inspired by Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, is an excellent choice for coin collectors and Pooh fans, and a fitting tribute to the loveable bear and friends on the 95th Anniversary of the adventures in Hundred Acre Wood.”

The Tigger 2021 UK 50p is available to purchase as an individual piece or as part of a collection at The Royal Mint.

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