(Pelham, Alabama) — Whitman Publishing announces the upcoming release of A Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins, by Q. David Bowers. The new 448-page book is volume 26 in Whitman’s “Bowers Series” of numismatic references. It will debut in March 2022, available from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide, for $29.95. In the meantime, it is available for preorder (including at www.Whitman.com and online bookstores).

“The quarter eagle, face value of $2.50, occupies an unusual place in American currency,” Bowers says. Unlike larger gold coins, it was too small to be commonly used in export and international trade. It also never became popular in day-to-day commerce (though, like the smaller gold dollar, it was frequently given as a Christmas gift). “Despite this,” Bowers says, “the quarter eagle was minted almost continuously for more than 130 years, starting in 1796, with six different design styles over the years.”

Today the quarter eagle is a favorite among collectors who see it as a denomination challenging to collect, yet accessible. Rarities like the 1841 “Little Princess” and the 1848 CAL. type (struck to commemorate the discovery of gold in California) always bring excitement when they cross the auction block.

In the Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins, Bowers—the hobby’s leading numismatic researcher and author—applies his signature expertise to the denomination. With characteristic thoroughness he delves into its economic and historical context, from bank panics and bullion legislation to gold rushes and Civil War hoarding. He gives readers an encyclopedic study of every quarter eagle ever minted, with full-color images, values by grade, mintages, rarity ratings, die data, auction records, collecting advice, and more. Each of the design styles—and their die varieties—is discussed in detail.

“This latest Bowers Series volume will make you an expert on the quarter eagle,” said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. “Every collector, investor, and student of American money will learn valuable lessons from it.” Gold dealer Mike Fuljenz calls it “An important book that takes the reader on a fascinating journey through history, using the quarter eagle as a ‘time machine.’”

The Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins is richly illustrated. Of particular note are the coin photographs in chapter 3, showing varieties of 1796–1834 quarter eagles, which were provided by the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation. Mark Borckardt, Senior Numismatist of Heritage Auctions, coauthored chapter 10, on the Classic Head quarter eagles of the 1830s.

Topics covered include mints and minting; circulation and distribution; Proofs minted for collectors; quarter eagles on the numismatic scene; and understanding the market. Bowers catalogs the Capped Bust and Draped Bust types (1796–1808); the Capped Head type (1821–1834); the Classic Head type (1834–1839); the Liberty Head type (1840–1907); and the Indian Head type (1908–1929).

Appendices give more information on pattern $2.50 gold coins; quarter eagles found in treasures and hoards; historical news coverage of the quarter eagle; error coins; and counterfeits.

A detailed index and a selected bibliography assist the reader in in-depth research.

The Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins is the 20th volume written by Q. David Bowers in Whitman’s 26-volume “Bowers Series.” Other authors in the series include David W. Lange, Richard Snow, Katherine Jaeger, Roger W. Burdette, Frank J. Colletti, and Rick Tomaska.

A Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins, first edition.
By Q. David Bowers; foreword by Mike Fuljenz.
ISBN 0794847331. Softcover, 6 x 9 inches, 448 pages, full color.
Retail $29.95 U.S.

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