Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation Helps Dealers at TNA Coin Convention 2021

June 5, 2021. Doug Davis, Director, Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation, David Lisot, Interviewer,

Numismatics is being plagued by major counterfeiting problem. Dealers across America are having to cope with bogus coins many originating in China. The Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation has a task force to help educate dealers about the problem. Doug Davis is Director of that organization and talks about his latest efforts to combat the problem.

President Bob Hurst Welcomes Collectors to Summer FUN Convention 2021

More than a than a year after the COVID Pandemic the Florida United Numismatists are holding a coin convention. This is the largest summer convention ever held with almost 300 bourse tables of dealers wanting to buy, sell, and trade coins, paper money and collectibles. FUN President Hurst celebrates the opening of event by giving Presidential Awards to Gary Braisted, Randy Campbell, Kenny Mullins, and Bob Russell.

Watch it directly on YouTube → here.

United States Mint Releases Flagship Video Honoring American Eagle Coin Program

New video highlights an important milestone in the Mint’s signature coin program

WASHINGTON – The United States Mint (Mint) today released a video celebrating the 35-year anniversary of its world-renowned American Eagle Coin Program. The video also highlights a new era in the Program—the release of redesigned American Eagle Gold and American Eagle Silver Coins in 2021. The video is available for viewing at

Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen, who appears in the video, remarked: “The American Eagle bullion coins are the flagship bullion products of the U.S. Mint, and the new American Eagle bullion coin designs to mark this anniversary are really quite beautiful.”

United States Mint Director David J. Ryder lauded the Mint employees involved in the creation and production of the redesigned American Eagle Gold and American Eagle Silver Coins, saying: “This truly is a collaborative effort made possible by the extraordinary efforts of our talented artists and industrious staff who worked tirelessly to uphold the Mint’s rich tradition of artistic excellence.”

The roughly 15-minute, Mint-produced video includes reflections from former United States Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti and artist Miley Frost, creators of the American Eagle Silver Coin “Heraldic Eagle” and American Eagle Gold Coin “Family of Eagles” designs, respectively. Both iconic images have graced the reverses (tails) of these coins since their debut in 1986. Additional highlights include insights into the artistic processes of United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program Designers Jennie Norris and Emily Damstra, who created the new gold and silver coin designs, respectively, and a discussion by current United States Mint Chief Engraver Joe Menna on the process of refreshing the obverses (heads) of both coins.

Launching a New Era

In recognition of this 35-year milestone in Mint history and to mark the beginning of a new era in the production of American Eagle Coins, the Mint has redesigned the bullion and collectible versions of the gold and silver coins. Moving forward, the American Eagle Gold reverse will depict a portrait of an eagle with the inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” along with the face value and size. Mint Medallic Artist Renata Gordon sculpted the design.

The 22-karat American Eagle Gold Coins are available in four weights: one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, one-tenth ounce, as well as a four-coin set which contains one coin in each weight.

The new American Eagle Silver reverse depicts a single eagle coming in for a landing, carrying an oak branch as if to add it to a nest. Inscriptions are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “1 OZ. FINE SILVER,” and “ONE DOLLAR.” Former Mint Medallic Artist Michael Gaudioso sculpted the design.

The obverse of the gold coins will display a refreshed depiction of the 1907 design by celebrated sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, while the obverse of the silver coin will display a refreshed depiction of the 1916 “Walking Liberty” design by famed sculptor Adolph A. Weinman.

Additional information about the redesigned 2021 American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins will be available in the coming weeks.


These are selections from the David Lisot Video Library that feature news and personalities from the world of coin collecting. David has been attending coin conventions since 1972 and began videotaping in 1985. The Newman Numismatic Portal now lists all David’s videos on their website at:


Collectorama Show Features Coins, Currency & Collectibles During COVID Crisis 2021. VIDEO: 5:04.

Edward Kuszmar, President, Collectorama Coin & Currency Show, David Lisot, Interviewer, February 18, 2021.

During the last year many larger coin conventions have been cancelled due to the COVID Pandemic. Edward Kuszmar was able to satisfy government bureaucracies and collector concerns by holding the 70th Collectorama Coin & Currency Show in Lakeland, Florida while the Corona Virus was still a threat. Ed explains what precautions were taken and why this convention is different from a normal coin show.

United States Mint Releases Public Service Announcement Regarding Circulating Coins

WASHINGTON-The United States Mint (Mint) has released a Public Service Announcement (PSA) addressing the current coin circulation issue. The PSA can be viewed here

In the PSA, Mint Director David J. Ryder asks the public to “help get coins moving by using exact change when making purchases, taking your coins to financial institutions, or turning them in for cash at coin recycling kiosks.” Ryder also advises that people “remember to follow all health and safety guidelines when you are out spending or recycling your coins”.

Ryder explains the situation as “right now, coins aren’t circulating through the economy as quickly as they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that sometimes coins are not readily available where needed. This is NOT a coin supply problem. It’s a circulation problem.”

Ryder also praised the efforts of the Mint work force, stating “I want to assure you that the men and women of the Mint workforce are working as hard as we possibly can to get newly produced coins into the economy. In fact, we are on track to mint more coins this year than we have produced in almost 20 years.”

As always, and especially during this challenging time, the Mint is committed to supporting our Nation’s economy and commerce through the production of circulating coinage.

U.S Mint Video: Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Program

Basketball legends and U.S. Mint medallic artists discuss the importance of the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Program, which recognizes the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame’s 60th anniversary. This program features the first colorized coins the United States Mint has ever produced.

Watch it on YouTube → here.

U.S. Mint Video: Salt River Bay National Historical Park

Chief Engraver Joe Menna discusses his work on the 2020 Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve quarter. This coin represents the U.S. Virgin Islands as the 53rd release in the American the Beautiful Quarters® Program.

Watch the video on YouTube → here.

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