NGCFor 35 years, NGC has been the world’s leading third-party coin grading service because of its expertise, consistency, impartiality, advanced technology, superior holders, comprehensive guarantee and more. Collectors and dealers around the globe trust NGC certification to add value, liquidity and safety to the coin market.

As demand for NGC’s best-in-class services reaches new heights, NGC is investing millions of dollars in employee hiring and retention, new technology and equipment upgrades, streamlining operations, additional square footage, and more. These investments will benefit NGC’s customers by providing an improved submission experience.

In conjunction with these investments, NGC and NCS are updating their services and fees for some submissions. All updates are effective February 1, 2022. Updated submission forms and price sheets reflecting these changes are now available at All coins received by NGC on or after February 1, 2022, should be accompanied by the new submission form.

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