The Royal Mint has today launched a new addition to their Myths and Legends bullion collection, featuring Maid Marian. The Maid Marian bullion coin follows on from the launch of the Robin Hood coin released in March, which proved extremely popular.

The Royal Mint has recently experienced a 96% increase in sales for bullion coins and bars as investors have taken advantage of the recent dip in the gold price. Bullion coins are world-renowned for their value, tradability and liquidity, making them options worth considering by investors wanting to diversity their portfolio. The Royal Mint’s range of gold bullion coins benefit from VAT exemption, while all gold, silver and platinum bullion coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax for UK residents.

The coin’s design draws depicts Maid Marian with a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back, against the backdrop of Sherwood Forest. The Maid Marian bullion coin is available as a One Ounce Gold and One Ounce Silver. In addition to the detailed design of Maid Marian, the coin features a secure, micro-dot background texture, emphasising the craftsmanship and security associated with The Royal Mint’s gold products.

Andrew Dickey, Divisional Director of Precious Metals at The Royal Mint, comments: “At The Royal Mint, tradition has long gone hand in hand with innovation. For an investment fit for the future, The Royal Mint is looking to Britain’s legendary past. Our latest bullion coin collection is inspired by classic stories of myth and legend – combined with the latest innovation and security features. We are delighted to be unveiling the next bullion coin in the range featuring Maid Marian. Bullion coins are an attractive option for many investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio due to their value, tradability and liquidity. Gold, silver and platinum bullion coins from The Royal Mint also benefit from being exempt from Capital Gains Tax for UK residents due to their legal tender status.”

Andrew continues, “As a leader in precious metals, The Royal Mint’s bullion range is recognised by investors across the globe and admired for the standards of quality and accuracy that you’d expect from a world-leading mint.”

The Royal Mint has been synonymous with precious metals for over 1,100 years and is the trusted home of gold in the UK. They are the primary producer of bullion coins and bars in Britain, as well as offering digital investment opportunities and safe storage, combining a flair for design with expertise in metalwork. The form has evolved from coin to bar to digital asset, including DigiGold and physically backed, exchange-traded commodities, as well as Little Treasures, a gold-backed savings account specifically for children, yet the value and appeal has been consistent.

To view the range, visit the website:

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