Early in 2021, the Mint made plans to offer the last day of production of 2021 classic design American Eagle and first day of production of the new design 2021 American Eagle Gold and Silver One Ounce Bullion Coins, produced at the Mint Facility at West Point, to Authorized Purchasers. These coins were to have a market-based premium consistent with the value associated with the last of one design and the first of a new design. Because single-day production goals of 200,000 classic design AE silver, 200,000 new design AE silver and 15,000 new design AE gold were not reached, the Mint can only offer these products as “last production runs” and “first production runs” because they were struck on multiple days. The single-day production goal of 15,000 classic design AE gold was reached on 04/08/21. This message also provides a chart that distinguishes each box by the date of strike for its contents.

Box Numbers of Last and First Production Runs, Original and New Design — 2021 American Eagle Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

Listed below are the box (lot) numbers assigned to the boxes of the last production runs of the original design 2021 American Eagle (AE) Silver and Gold Bullion coins and the first production runs of the new design 2021 AE Silver and Gold Bullion coins, with the dates produced. Each box contains 500 one-ounce coins. These boxes went on sale to the United States Mint’s Authorized Purchasers on August 9, 2021.

  1. AE Silver (Original Design – Product Code SO21AL) produced 4/7/21 – 4/8/21:
    110807 – 111006 (200 boxes)
    211312 – 211511 (200 boxes)
  2. AE Gold (Original design – Product Code GO21AL) produced 4/8/21:
    510884 – 510913 (30 boxes)
  3. AE Silver (New design – Product Code SO21BF) produced 5/5/21 – 5/13/21:
    250001 – 250400 (400 boxes) These 400 boxes of 2021 American Eagle new design first production run coins have a label with a large “BF” under “2021” on the far right side of the label (see attached photo below).
  4. AE Gold (New design – Product Code GO21BF) produced 4/14/21 – 4/20/21:
    550001 – 550030 (30 boxes)

Note – 3,307 boxes of the new design 2021 American Eagle Silver Bullion non-first production run coins inadvertently have the SO21BF product code, with serial numbers 150001-153307. These boxes should have been labeled with the Product Code SO21B. These are NOT from the first production run, and they do NOT have the large “BF” on the far right side of the label.

The chart below provides a breakdown of box numbers by production date.

All images were provided by the U.S. Mint.

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