U.S. MintWASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States Mint (Mint) is committed to improving the distribution of our Numismatic coin products. As part of this ongoing effort, the Mint has established a new Authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP), which permits qualifying bulk purchasers to purchase a limited number of numismatic Mint products prior to their official on-sale date under an active embargo agreement allowing their resale only on or after the Mint’s official on-sale date, time, and conditions, such as household order limitations. This new program is structured to better meet marketplace product availability on the initial on sale date by expanding the distribution of Mint products.

United States Mint Authorized Bulk Purchase Program applicants must be active members in the Mint’s existing Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program (NBPP) in good standing for at least two years, have a two-year revenue average with the NBPP of at least $500,000 annually, and have a history of full compliance with the Mint’s excessive returns policy.

This new program will help to enhance the distribution of numismatic Mint products as they go on sale, expanding availability of our products by utilizing well vetted business partners that have long-term relationships with the Mint’s Numismatic Programs. Not all Mint products will be offered through this program, and no more than 10% of products with limited quantities will be distributed under this program. No discounts will be given to ABPP members, and some products will carry a premium. The products available through this program will be distributed equally to Authorized Bulk members. The Mint will not ship product to ABPP members, who must provide their own product security and transport. Pick-ups will be allowed three days prior to the official on-sale date.

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