Numismatic Personality: Chester “Chet” Krause March 2011. VIDEO: 13:06
David Lisot, Interviewer,
Chet talks about his retirement, how he spends his time, his accomplishments on the ANA Board, his travels, how he had a headache for two years, and much more.

Another great numismatic video has surfaced that will be posted on the Newman Numismatic Portal. In 2011 at the Whitman Expo itimore David Lisot interviewed CHET KRAUSE. Chet had retired from from his leadership at Krause Publications and talks about his new days with the daily grind of being in charge of the printing megalith he had created.

The entire interview is available on the Newman Numismatic Portal at

An excerpt of the video is available for viewing on the Coin Television YouTube Channel at:

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