Selby Ungar Memorial, King of Carson City Dollars, 1937-2018

David Lisot, Interviewer,, with Bobby Avena, Dennis Baker, Carl Bombara, Douglas Daniels, Silvano DiGenova, Vince Falcone, Ron Gillio, John & Sandie & Gulde, Brian Hendelson, Robert Higgins, Marlene Highfill, Don Kagin, Kurt Mease Jeff Rayden, Simone Rayden, Doug Sharpe, Dawn Ungar, Bernice Ungar, and Jeff Wuller.

Selby Ungar was known as the “King of Carson City Silver Dollars. He was Vice-President of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable and friend to many people in the coin industry. He was also a devoted family man. Hear his many friends share their memories of this special numismatic personality.

Donations to the “Selby Ungar Educational Fund” sponsored by the National Silver Dollar Roundtable are being accepted by Marlene Highfill at

A 32 minute DVD of the entire “Selby Ungar Memorial” is available for every donation received.

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