Over the years, I have been receiving press releases from many different numismatic-related sources that usually end up deleted because there was nothing I wanted to write about. I write about the releases when I feel there is something I can add.

Some of these press releases have an interest to the wider numismatic audience and I feel guilty for not sharing them. Rather than delete this information, I created this microsite called Coin Collectors News.

Coin Collectors News will only contain news and press releases sent to me by reputable and verified sources. All news will be posted on the microsite and not mixed in with the blog posts or the email updates. There will be a separate mailing list set up for those wishing to receive those updates. You can sign up for those updates here.

The items posted on Coin Collectors News will be press releases only. No comments or commentary will be allowed, including by me.

Followers of the Coin Collectors Blog on Twitter (@coinsblog) will see these items show up in the feed and those who subscribe to the weekly Numismatic World News Newsletter will see a list of articles by the end of March 2017.

If you are interested in being included in the Coin Collectors News press release, please use the contact form on the microsite to contact me.

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