The Royal Mint today launches its 2021 Britannia collection – introducing a new range of Premium Exclusive editions and a gold Proof kilo Britannia for the first time.

Each year The Royal Mint produces a new Britannia collection that is inspired by different aspects of the nation. This year the collection celebrates Britain’s spirit of innovation, and for the first time will feature two designs – a Core range and a Premium Exclusive range – both of which have been designed by artist P.J. Lynch.

The core Britannia range is a continuation of the collection, and features the iconic female next to her lion guardian whilst looking out to the horizon with a trident and shield. The Premium Exclusive range is a new addition to the collection. In contrast to the core range, she is shown up close and in profile, whilst new minting technology gives the impression of moving waves in the background. Over the next four years The Royal Mint will continue to explore diversity through the Premium Exclusive Britannia range.

Britannia has been an icon of the British people for over 2000 years, first appearing on coins under Emperor Hadrian. The Romans depicted Britain as a strong female – a symbol that has endured and continues to grace the nation’s coins today, including the definitive £2.

Clare Maclennan, Divisional Director of Commemorative coin for The Royal Mint, said: “Britannia is an enduring symbol of the people, and as the nation evolves it is right that her image should evolve too. Each year our Britannia series celebrates a different element of Britain and for 2021 we celebrate the spirit of innovation with two new designs.

“As well as continuing to offer our Core Britannia range, we have extended the collection to include a Premium Exclusive range which celebrates diversity and features the latest minting technology. We have also introduced a gold Proof kilo for the first time to meet the growing demand for larger, precious metal coins.”

P.J. Lynch, designer of the 2021 Britannia series, said: “Creating an original new design for an icon such as Britannia is a dream for an artist. For the core range, I started with a lot of sketching – lots and lots of thumbnail drawings of Britannia herself in different poses, sometimes with her lion guardian, and sometimes with her trident and shield on a rocky shore with waves splashing at her feet.

“For the Exclusive editions in the range, I decided it would be a good idea to go in close for a profile portrait of Britannia. I wanted her to look strong, resolute and attractive, but I also felt that her features should reflect something of the diversity of the people of Britain in the twenty-first century.”

The Britannia 2021 collection is available as a Brilliant Uncirculated edition alongside a range of precious metal editions, and offers a Premium Exclusive range for the first time. To view the full range visit

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