The 2020 Diane Piret Memorial Outstanding Service Award recipient Dan Duncan.

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets dealer-member Dan Duncan (Pinnacle Rarities, Olympia, Washington) has received the association’s 2020 Diane Piret Memorial Outstanding Service Award for his continuous dedication and financial contributions to maintaining Washington State’s sales-tax exemption on sales of collector coins, bullion coins, and bullion.

Duncan and other local dealers, particularly Karen Feldman (Tacoma Mall Blvd Coin & Stamp), Ryan Hoolihan (Bellevue Rare Coins), and Todd Hughes (Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association), have recently stopped three separate attempts to repeal the sales-tax exemption. The Association of Washington Businesses also helped tremendously in these efforts.

“I cannot say enough about what this means to me after such a tough year. I am both honored and humbled to get this recognition,” said Duncan. “I feel a bit undeserving, as our work here is a combined effort. We are a team, and without everyone’s help, our companies would more than likely be facing increased business taxes, and collectors and investors across the state would be paying sales tax on their coins and bullion.”

In the latest attempt to repeal the exemption, the bill died in committee when they took no action before the legislature’s session adjourned sine die, though there could always be another attempt to repeal in a future session. Duncan, Feldman, Hoolihan, Hughes, and others remain vigilant in monitoring any new efforts.

“We thank Dan Duncan for his perseverance over the years, and the tremendous support of everyone who helps him in these campaigns,” said ICTA executive director, David Crenshaw.

“The ICTA partnership, our team, and many others are invaluable to the success of our efforts,” said Duncan.

The Diane Piret Memorial Outstanding Service Award is normally presented at the ICTA membership dinner and update during the Florida United Numismatist Convention, which was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The award commemorates the 25-year career of ICTA’s former industry affairs director, who died in 2015.

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