Jewelry Store Burglaries

Although the following information concerns jewelry stores, NCIC recently received two reports of coin shops having the power cut to their business.

During the past two months, numerous jewelry stores across the country have been the target of several Chilean Burglary crews. The suspects are highly mobile.

On June 22, 2019, suspects cut the power to a jewelry store in Kansas and attempted to break into the safe but their attempt failed. Police learned that four other jewelry stores had their power cut off the same night.


  1. Jewelry stores targeted on weekends, or nights before the day the store is closed. Holidays, such as the 4th of July, are also high-risk times.
  2. Burglars access the outside electrical panel and cut off power to the store, disabling alarms and camera systems.
  3. Burglars wait to see police or other response time and then wait until police depart.
  4. Burglars wait until back up battery is exhausted.
  5. Suspects are Chilean burglary crews reportedly based in California and Florida, but who travel throughout the U.S.
  6. Suspects may cut through the roof, or break into the jewelry store from a neighboring business, but also may break open or pry open front or rear doors.
  7. Suspects may cut power to numerous jewelry stores in the same area and wait to observe response time and then identify the best target store.


  1. Shop owners must respond to cases of power interruptions at their stores.
  2. Make sure that your call list at the alarm company includes the owner and enough employees who will be available to respond, including during vacations, weekend and holiday nights, and at all other times.
  3. Shop owners or designated employees should not respond alone and need police to accompany them.
  4. Police should be alerted that there may be burglars near the store watching to see the response to the power line cut.
  5. Shop owners should inspect their electrical box on a regular basis and report to police and JSA any sign of tampering with it even if the power is not cut off and no burglary occurred.
  6. You must have alarm protection for your store that covers all possible means of entry, including the roof and sidewalls.
  7. You must have line security to protect you if your alarm system is disabled.
  8. The interior and exterior of the premises must be checked, including the roof and all possible means of entry.

Shop owners should have alarm policy and procedures in place and reviewed with employees and family members periodically. Yearly alarm system assessment and maintenance should be conducted to detect any problems or identify the need for additional equipment or system upgrades.


Doug Davis

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