Investigators with the Tecumseh, MI police department are investigating the burglary and arson of Tecumseh Coins which occurred during the early morning hours of April 8, 2018. An Unknown number of suspects entered the building and cut open five safes with an unknown type of cutting torch.

The suspects removed a large inventory of coins from the safes.

Partial listing of stolen coins:

  • 29 red trays with coins stacked 2-5 deep
  • 1857 flying eagle cents thru 1958 wheat cents complete minus 22P
  • V-nickels, buffalos, and Jeffersons including 2 three legged buffalos
  • Bust dimes thru mercs (no16D)
  • Bust quarters thru Washington
  • Bust halves thru Franklins
  • Morgan and Peace dollars
  • Complete Peace dollar set
  • Mint sets beginning in 1951 complete from 1958 to 2018
  • 30 early Commemorative halves-Maine, Pilgrim, Stone Mountain,California Jubilee,Lexington Concord, Oregon, Daniel Boone, Long Island
  • 15 Modern Commems
  • 5 rolls Canadian silver quarters, 4 rolls Canadian dimes
  • 2 slabbed PCI 1909S VDB’s
  • 5 slabbed gold coins

The coins were housed in either 1.5×1.5 cardboard or 2×2 flips. Labeled with year, mint, grade and price. On reverse would have a cost code. The code would have a letter J in it for the decimal point. Printed in black ink and capital letters. Small cents, nickels and dimes in 1.5×1.5 flips and quarters thru dollars in 2×2’s.

Anyone with Information contact:

Officer Tom Gilbert
Doug Davis

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