The BEP and the United States Mint have formed a strategic partnership to sell BEP products through the Mint’s e-commerce system beginning Monday, October 1 at 8:00 a.m. (ET).

In preparation for this transition, online orders for BEP products are currently not being accepted, and the shopping cart has been disabled. All BEP online sales traffic is being redirected to the U.S. Mint’s website.

Please note that BEP online customer accounts will not be transferred to the Mint. Customers are encouraged to set up new accounts on the Mint’s website to take advantage of the Mint’s loyalty program, to track future purchases of BEP products, and to receive BEP and Mint product and promotion notifications. Opening an account on the Mint’s website is easy and takes only a few minutes!

BEP products are still available for purchase at BEP’s Washington, DC and Ft. Worth, Texas Visitor Center gift shops. Bulk sale customers should continue to place orders through the BEP at 1-800-456-3408.

For more information, check out our FAQ page about the transition.

If you have additional questions regarding the transition or BEP product orders placed prior to September 17, 2018, contact BEP’s Mail Order Sales Department by telephone at 1-800-456-3408.

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