(San Francisco, California) August 5, 2021 – Described as “quite a spectacular coin,” the second finest known 1927-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle has been sold for nearly $ 3,090,000 by Witter Coin of San Francisco, California. Once part of the legendary Eliasberg Collection, it is graded PCGS MS66+ CAC.

The second finest known, this 1927-D Double Eagle graded PCGS MS66+ CAC was sold to a collector by Witter Coin of San Francisco for nearly $3.1 million. (Photos courtesy of Witter Coin.)

“I’ve always wanted to handle a 1927-D Saint since I was a kid collecting coins. It is the rarest 20th century U.S. circulation strike gold coin released for circulation, and I’m happy to have this opportunity to place it in a splendid collection,” said Seth Chandler, owner of Witter Coin. “The buyer is a private collector who is thrilled to own an ultra-classic rarity.”

Both the buyer and former owner of the coin want to remain anonymous, according to Chandler.

“It’s quite a spectacular coin,” stated John Albanese, founder of Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC). “I’ve handled four other ’27-D Saints over the years, but this was the first time I saw the Elisaberg coin in person. I was really blown away by it and its great color, and lack of abrasions that usually plague this issue.”

Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. (1896-1976) was a Baltimore, Maryland financier known as “The King of Coins” because of his unmatched achievement of collecting a virtually complete set of examples of every United States Mint coin known at the time.

The 1927-D Double Eagle will be displayed by Witter Coin at both #127 during the 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money (www.WorldsFairofMoney.com), August 10-14.

Witter Coin is located at 2299 Lombard St., San Francisco. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. For additional information, call 415-781-5690 or email sales@WitterCoin.com.

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