Big news! Today, after 36 years, we are releasing a new brand identity, which includes a new name, logo, and website.

The time has come to specify the mission of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets in our branding, including our name and logo. We do not represent the broad range of collectible tangible assets that our name implies, which could include anything from antiques to postage stamps to memorabilia to fine wines, and much more.

Our association has been dedicated to the numismatic and precious-metals bullion communities for its more than 36 years of existence. During that time, we have been promoting and safeguarding the interests of our members and serving as the numismatic industry watchdog over federal and state governments in the United States to maintain a favorable legislative and regulatory climate. Over the years we have grown to better address the needs that have always been our focus:

  1. Providing a medium through which our members may confer, consult, cooperate with, and educate government and other agencies to achieve solutions for problems that affect their businesses
  2. Offering our members assistance and information on new and existing laws and regulations, and promoting harmony and cooperation among our members to advance the welfare of the numismatic and precious-metals bullion communities

Our brand now needs to be updated to emphasize that work. We are revamping our current branding to clarify the communities we serve—collectors of, and dealers and investors in, numismatics and precious-metals bullion. With that comes a new name, new logo, new colors, and a new look and feel. This will include our social media, email marketing, and even our website, to build a cohesive style and voice that consistently reflects our brand and our target communities. These changes will be gradual, rolling out over the next few months.

Most importantly, our core mission will remain the same. Who we are has not changed. We have been supporting our members and the community at large for well over three decades, helping to maintain a favorable legislative and regulatory environment for doing business, and we will continue to be the place with the resources and guidance collectors and dealers need to do business under the existing laws and regulations. That is still who we are and what we care about. With that, we would like to introduce you to the National Coin & Bullion Association!

We are also proud to introduce our new logo.

The logo has three components: the symbol, the logotype, and the slogan. The symbol, a Capitol dome, represents our work advocating for top priorities and fair business practices to legislators and agencies nationwide. It is surrounded by a circle of stars to imply strength and stability. The logotype, NATIONAL COIN & BULLION ASSOC, and the slogan, “TAXATION • ADVOCACY • EDUCATION,” surround that and convey the three themes in our mission statement. The design is done in patriotic colors and a blue font, to indicate the scope of our activity.

In the coming months, you will see the new NCBA logo being used prominently. It will be used on our new website and it will appear on our various forms of marketing. That is right—our website got a makeover! A modern, professional look, with a responsive design that renders well on mobile devices and is easy to navigate.

With a signed logo-usage agreement, members may use a special version of this logo (to be determined) to display on their websites, advertising, business cards, and the like. Fully implementing a change like this takes time, so there may be some instances where you will see the old logo being used for a while yet.

Last, but not least, we wish to thank all the board members that submitted ideas for a new name. Director Max Spiegel’s name idea was selected by the executive committee. A special thank you also to Heritage Auctions numismatic marketing manager Denice Brackemyre and senior art director Chris Britton for designing the new logo.

(We will continue to use the “Industry Council for Tangible Assets” as the registered business name; we’ve registered a “doing business as” (DBA) for the National Coin & Bullion Association.)

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