Monday March 1st: The Royal Mint has today launched a commemorative coin collection in honour of Her Majesty’s birthday, including its largest ever gold proof coin weighing 9.5kg. The Queen, who will reach the age of 95 on April 21, will have her birthday marked by The Royal Mint, who have struck a range of coins, featuring two new designs, for the occasion.

A limited number of Celebration Sovereigns struck on 21 April 2021, the date of Her Majesty’s 95th birthday, will also mark the occasion. Just 1,295 Celebration Sovereigns will be struck on this date, and will feature the exclusive ‘95’ crown privy mark created for this historic occasion.

The 9.5 kilo gold proof coin features a design by Gary Breeze, which has platinum-plated flourishes spread across the entire face of the gold coin holding the elements together. The flourish has a characteristic place within traditional design and fits within the idiom of heraldic imagery, fine craftsmanship and letterform.

His richly symbolic ‘flourish’ design represents The Queen’s nine decades with nine roses, while 54 leaves signify the countries of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is of particular importance and pride to the Queen, and its successful continued fellowship is perhaps one of her greatest achievements.

The other coins in the collection featuring this design include a one-kilo gold coin, a five-ounce gold proof coin, a one-kilo silver proof coin, and a five-ounce silver proof coin.

The second design, included in the 2021 Annual set, is designed by heraldic artist Timothy Noad and shows the Royal Cypher set against a background of the national flowers: rose, thistle, shamrock and daffodil.

In both designs the coins bear the inscription ‘My Heart and My Devotion’, referencing a promise The Queen made in her 1957 Christmas speech and has kept ever since.

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable milestone, The Royal Mint will be gifting a celebratory coin to 95 individuals turning 95 year’s old this year. Drawn at random, the winning nominations will receive a brilliant uncirculated £5 commemorative coin featuring Timothy Noad’s exquisite design.

Five different effigies of the Queen have been created by The Royal Mint documenting her reign, with her face featured on every British coin in circulation.

For more information, and to see the collection, please visit The Royal Mint’s website.

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