(Pelham, Alabama)—Whitman Publishing announces the release of the updated second edition of A Guide Book of Gold Eagle Coins, volume 24 in its popular Bowers Series of numismatic titles. The 448-page book will be available March 2, 2021. It continues in the tradition of the Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars and other best-selling “Official Red Book” guides. The full-color volume will be available online (including at Whitman.com) and in bookstores and hobby shops nationwide for $29.95.

As he did in the first edition, author and numismatic researcher Q. David Bowers combines the history of America’s $10 gold coins (minted 1795 to 1933) with coin-by-coin analysis, pricing in multiple grades, auction records, grading guides, and collecting tips to help enthusiasts build and enjoy their own set of gold eagles.

Bowers, nicknamed the “Dean of American Numismatics,” has been researching and writing about U.S. gold coins for more than 60 years. He has studied numismatic catalogs, periodicals, and books on gold coins. More importantly, he has personally examined hundreds of thousands of gold coins, many of them in the process of cataloging the most famous coin collections ever to cross an auction block.

Today these classic American gold coins have become highly popular and accessible for collectors, thanks in part to an influx of gold eagles returning from Europe since the 1950s, and the Internet making it easier than ever to find and purchase rare coins.

Bowers wrote A Guide Book of Gold Eagle Coins for collectors who want to create a valuable and attractive collection. The fully revised and updated second edition contains pricing for every gold eagle by year and mintmark, from the 1790s to 1933. Bowers includes updated details on rarity, advice on collectible grades, market analysis, and more than 50 years of auction records.

The second edition also includes new historical images of the U.S. Mint’s gold coin production, as well as close-up photographs of flaws, such as lintmarks and copper spots, that can detract from a coin’s grade and value.

Readers will find engaging and informative stories of some of the Philadelphia Mint’s earliest coinage, the famed Turban Head eagles of 1795 to 1804; the long-running series of Liberty Head eagles, minted for nearly 70 years from the 1830s to the early 1900s; and the innovative Indian Head eagles of 1907 to 1933. Bowers also explores famous shipwrecks and hoards of gold coins, the holdings of the National Numismatic Collection, the coins owned by King Farouk of Egypt, the coverage of gold eagles in price guides going back to the 1930s, and other fascinating side journeys.

Because Whitman Publishing is the Official Supplier of the American Numismatic Association, ANA members received 10% off when ordering the book directly from the publisher. ANA members can also borrow it for free from the Association’s Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library.

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A Guide Book of Gold Eagle Coins, 2nd edition. By Q. David Bowers; foreword by Douglas Winter.
ISBN 0794848370.
Softcover, 6 x 9 inches, 448 pages, full color.
Retail $29.95 U.S.
URL: https://whitman.com/a-guide-book-of-gold-eagles-2nd-edition/

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