During the past 45-60 days NCIC has seen a change in the pattern and MO (modus operandi) of ROMA gang suspects. It is evident that these individuals are beginning to target smaller shows. Coin show dealers and promoters should be aware and on the alert.

(Suspects have hit shows in Texas, Oklahoma and Indiana)


  • Usually work in pairs (Male-male, Male-female)
  • Heavy European accent
  • Interested in gold and silver coins
  • Pretends to know little about coins
  • Wants coins for present etc.,
  • Displays large amt of cash( Bait/distraction)
  • Both want to look at different coins at same time (distraction)
  • One or both asks numerous questions(distraction)
  • May attempt to reach in to dealers case
  • Very good at palming ( especially female suspect)
  • May not have enough cash and wants to leave and come back shortly(however in several cases they have already palmed coins and never return)
  • Suspects may leave deposit and not return because during the transaction they have palmed or switched coins that have been packaged.
  • Suspects in some cases buy several thousands of dollars in coins and pay in cash. However during the transaction they want to re-count the money over and over. After they leave the dealer is short of cash.

Be aware of these red flags. Contact security or the show promoter and advise them of any suspicious activity.

Doug Davis

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