NGC has certified an additional 137 coins, medals and tokens from the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society. These selections are included in Newman Part XI, the final iteration in a series of auctions of the legendary collection, which Heritage Auctions will hold November 7–10, 2018.

Among Newman’s many contributions to the field of numismatics was his comprehensive study of Continental Dollars, which were struck in brass, pewter and silver with a 1776 date. The obverse features a sundial at the center, with the words CONTINENTAL CURRENCY near the edge; the reverse shows circles with the 13 original colonies’ names linked together like a chain.

So important was Newman’s research on Continental Dollars that their varieties are named after him: Newman 1-A, Newman 1-B, Newman 1-C, Newman 2-C, Newman 3-D, Newman 4-D and Newman 5-D. They feature the word CURRENCY on the obverse with one of three different spellings, and other design elements differ, as well.

A pewter example of the “CURENCY” spelling, attributed as Newman 1-B and graded NGC AU 55, is one of the highlights of Newman Part XI. Only a half dozen specimens of this variety are known.

Other auction highlights include a Libertas Americana Bronze Medal, graded NGC MS 64 BN, and a 1792 Washington President Pattern Silver Half Dollar, graded NGC XF Details.

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