NGC has announced that American astronaut Clayton Anderson will individually autograph NGC certification labels. From 2007 to 2010, Anderson was a part of three Space Shuttle missions and two consecutive International Space Station expeditions.

Anderson first rocketed to space aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on June 8, 2007, and he stayed for five months, with most of his time spent aboard the International Space Station as part of Expeditions 15 and 16. He is the only Nebraskan to have flown in space, with 167 days in space total and six spacewalks. Now 59 and retired from NASA, he is the author of three books, including “The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut.”

NGC Clayton Anderson Authentic Hand-Signed Labels are the perfect complement to any space- or Americana-themed numismatic item, including the 1971–1978 Eisenhower Dollar series (whose reverse shows an eagle landing on the moon to celebrate America’s achievements in space); the 2004 Florida State Quarter (whose reverse shows a NASA space shuttle); the 1988-P Young Astronauts Shuttle and Flag Medal; and the American Silver, Gold and Platinum Eagles.

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